I didn’t always want to be a writer. When I was little, I always had my heart set on being a zookeeper. I loved animals more then anything. To be able to be around exotic animals, feeding them, caring for them, educating the public about them, sounded like the best thing I could ever do in my life. 

That was before I fell in love with stories. Before I first open the pages of Twilight. Before I was in tears because one of my favorite characters in a book had died. Before I realized that the way I can help create change in this world, is through writing. 

There were so many influential books that created a beast inside me just waiting to be let out. So many books that showed me the truth about what can be accomplished solely by ones voice. 

There isn’t enough room in the world for me to pour out my love and passion for the books that have shaped my writing future. So, for the sake of this post I have narrowed down 5 books that have inspired the writer inside me. 

In no particular order, here they are: 

1. The Giver by Louis Lowry 

This book is my all time favorite book. It is short. It is sweet. It is powerful. This book showed me what a world without color, emotion, or voice would look like. It showed me what I never wanted to happen in real life. It gave me one of my most deep rooted and dear to my heart beliefs. Without knowledge of our past. Without knowing the dark in the world. Humans lose their compacity for passion, compassion, and sense of purpose. We need to know of dark to get a sense of what we believe light looks like. We need the bad to have the good. 

2. Impulse by Ellen Hopkins 

Impulse is a story that if I had read it at any other time then the time I did I would have gone into a deep depression. No matter the triggering content, I would not change that reading experience for the world. Reading Ellen Hopkins writing opened my eyes to a whole new creative way of looking at narrative. The entire book she had dialog, plot, descriptions totally in poetic prose. It was captivating and set fire to a passion for poetry that I never thought I would have. What Ellen shed light to further created the need for me to speak out about the issues that I care about most. Impulse was a look into suicide and depression that opened my eyes… In so many more ways then one. 

3. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

This is a book that at the time, all I wanted to do was read, over, and over, and over again. It introduced me to fantasy. It pulled me into a world that I never ever wanted to leave. It entered me into my love of all things fey. It wasn’t until later that I realized that I wanted to write a book that made me feel everything that I felt while reading The Iron King. I gave me the need to share a place that people could escape to and live the lives they truly wanted to live, if only for a short while. It inspired me to want to write a novel for the first time. 

4. Death is My BFF (original) by KatRocks247

It wasn’t the content so as the opportunity this book created for me just by exsisting. This book is one of the first books that inspired me to create a wattpad account. Wattpad was a place I went (and still go to) to read authors stories as they are being written, chapter by chapter. Death is My BFF was one of the first books that I really attached to on wattpad. I loved every little second of my time reading this story. What it represents, however, is a goal and a new way of seeing what a finished book looks like. This story, like all good wattpad stories, inspire conversation between readers. You actively participate as you read, and to start out I wanted feedback on my writing. I wanted to have an open line of conversation between reader and writer. Wattpad gave me that. Death is My BFF showed me how it could be at its best. 

5. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury 

Finally, Fahrenheit 451, a book about a fireman who burns books. This book inspired me to write for the sake of writing. For realizing the previlage I have in my ability to read books. It made me think of a terrible reality of a life without the ability to read, to have an opinion, to talk about books! In a way, Fahrenheit 451 built upon the reasons I needed to write that began with The Giver. They both beat with the same message; the importance of voice. 


What books have inspired you? What books have influenced who you are, even, what you are pursuing in life? What inspires you in general? 

Let’s create an open discussion about inspiration and its importance in our lives in the comments. I want to know what gets you up in the morning. I want to know what drives you. 

2 thoughts on “Books that Inspired the Writer Inside Me 

  1. I remember reading Fahrenheit 451 back in high school. I actually enjoyed reading that one too! It definitely is a thought provoking novel on the importance of sharing your opinions and thoughts about the world through literature 🙂 love this list!

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