Take a spiral into the first couple of pages wanting, needing, craving for more. Turning one at a time. Soaking in each word. Then stop. 

You know you have the power to continue reading. You know that you want to continue, but something distracted you. You move on. You forget. Your heart remembers, but too late, you’ve moved on. 

A serial book-killer. A man-killer of books. You love-em and leave em. 

Then you see them there on your shelf. Looking good with the promise of amazing things to come. You pick up where you left off savoring every letter till the end. 

I have a multiple book disorder. Reading too many at once. I blame wattpad and its teasing of books unfinished for my ability to keep straight the storylines of the over 30 books I might read at once. 

Though really I start reading a story then leave it alone for a long while, as I get enraptured by another. By long while, I mean months at a time. There are times, rarely that I read one complete book without looking at another story, but that’s just not how it normally goes. 

It is a blessing and a curse. A blessing that I have the ability to experience many different amazing stories at once. A curse because I hardly read a story start to finish right away. A curse because I leave an amazing story for so long. But this is my affiction and I stick by it happy and proud. It may not be healthy, but I get to experience so many worlds. 

It is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to read. I am so happy I have been able to enjoy so many wonderful books of all kinds.


What are your bookish afflictions? Do you have any weird reading habits? 

2 thoughts on “Multiple Books Disorder: My Personal Affliction 

  1. I love that title of this post – it’s awesome!!!!

    I found The Book Raven through the “bipolar” tag. I haven’t read the book you received in the mail yet, but I’ve heard excellent things about it. That’s so cool you got it from the author, if I’m not mistaken? (Not awake yet here!)

    These days I mainly read memoirs. Maybe that’s because my own memoir about living with bipolar, peripartum/postpartum bipolar onset (the 1st book of its kind to address that type of bipolar) is being published next year, but memoirs have always fascinated me. However, I love all kinds of books and spend most of my $ on books. I call my Kindle my third child…

    My book has a chapter that includes how bibliotherapy and certain authors helped me….

    Great blog title too, by the way. 🙂
    Take care & happy reading,

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    1. It’s really cool that you are writing a memoir! Especially about bipolar which would help so many people who either know someone who has it or has it themselves. Not to mention educating so many people who don’t know about it or don’t have themselves! I really interested in reading your memoir when it releases!

      I appreciate the complement on the title! Thank you!

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