You see me sitting there 

Looking intently at my phone 

You then flitter by 

I am no one to you 

But maybe one day 

When you sit alone at home 

You read a post 

A craft of words 

Written by a hand you’ve seen before 

That stranger you saw 

Grabs you with her words 

You read on 

You think 

You take her story into your heart 

Never realizing how close you were 

To someone who grasped you inside 

But the moment is gone 

And all you have 

Is her story to hold on to 

But that’s the power of words 

A relationship mind to mind 

Lifting hearts 

Driving desires 

Linking life to life 

You ignore the shadows in your life 

Never noticing the little lights 

People who guide your heart 

Without ever meeting your eyes 

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