I know your courage 

I know your strength 

I know what you desire 

I know your fate 

I know your glory 

Your fatal flaw 

But worst of all 

I know you don’t exist at all

You live your life 

Sitting on dusty shelves 

In dusty pages 



Almost gone 

Till I picked you up 

Listened to your call 

You told me your story 

You made me fall 

I watched your adventures 

Along the page 

Your bravery 

Your shining truth 

Beckoned to me 

I saw you when you saw her 

I cheered for the love that could never be mine 

But you were happy 

And so was I

It’s so strange 

You don’t exsist

Is it so wrong 

That I wish you did? 

I’m not the only one 

Your story is everywhere 

In stores on shelves 

Just waiting to be read 

I fell in love with you 

But I’m sad to say 

I fell in love with your eyes 

That will never see me 

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