Being new to the world of blogging I have never done a book tag before, but as I have looked around I discovered that I was really really excited to do one. 

So even though I wasn’t tagged and I don’t know where the original of this tag came from I will be doing the Book Courtship tag!
1. Initial attraction: A book you bought because of the cover-Splintered by A.G. Howard

This cover is absolutely stunning. The second I saw it I knew I had to have it. The best part, is that I ended up loving it, this book written in purple text become one of my favorite retellings of all time! This book is beautiful inside and out. 
2. First Impressions: a book you got because of the summary- Impulse by Ellen Hopkins

“on your impulse,

swallow the bottle,

cut a little deeper, 

put the gun to your chest.”

Tony’s painful childhood memories can be quelled only through pills. Vanessa has a secret that keeps her coming back to the blade. And Conner seems to have the perfect life on the outside, but his inward battle with his parents, his peers, and himself give him one last choice — to pull the trigger.

These are three lives that would have been cut short if not for the hasty intervention by loved ones. Or fate. Now they are given a second chance at a better life — but only if they help one another, and if they find the strength to let go of their inner demons. For good.”

The summary of this book captured my attention, but the story itself captured my heart. I love this book. It’s tragedy, will forever haunt my soul. 
3. Sweet Talk: a book with great writing-The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

This book is absolutely magical. I felt as if I was actually there. The ethereal beauty of the circus was masterfully portrayed by the author. This book is gorgeous. I wish I never had to leave it. 
4. First Date: A first book in a series who made you want to pick up the rest- Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor 

My lord I never want to let go of this book. I had never read anything quite like it before. I wanted to pick up the series the very next day and I was so mad that I couldn’t. I still haven’t gotten the rest. The second I get my hands on the second book I’m going to read it till the very end. I need it in my life so badly!
5. Late Night Phone Calls: A book who kept you up all night-The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich 

This book kept me up all night because of how crazy and terrifying it is. The book is completely creepy and it sucks you in and gives you crazy nightmares. Half way through and you won’t even know what to think. 
6. Always on my mind-A book you can’t stop thinking about- The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

This book is always on my mind because I no longer own it. Several years ago I had to move and get rid of all my books. This book along with all the rest of my Julie Kagawa collection at the time is gone. It is on my mind because I miss the world. I need to read the series once more. Especially because I never got to read the newer additions to the series. I need those stories back!
7. Getting Physical: A book you love because of the way it feels- Talon by Julie Kagawa 

This book had so many grooves and ridges that it almost feels like touching scales. Not to meantion that anything having to do with dragons makes me feel warm on the inside. I simply adore the feel of this book. 
8. Meeting The Parents: A book which you would reccomend to your family and friends- Ready Player One by Ernest Cline 

This is a book that I reccomend to everyone living. This book was written so so well and it appealed to the dormant gamer inside me. It even has a doctor who reference! I ate this book up. It was delightful. 


I tag anyone who is interested in doing this tag! I don’t know too many people in the book blogging community yet, but I am excited to start interacting with people who love books as much as I do! 

-Till next time!


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