I go back into the car as my mom picks me up to see a package. A white envelop holding something I wasn’t expecting to receive. I hold it in my hand inspecting the weight of it. I trace my name across the packages front. 

I wonder what could be held inside, but deep down I already know. It’s a book. A story I know nothing about. I can’t bare the suspense any longer, I tear it open to see that indeed I was right. It is a book. A book I had never seen. 

A book called: The Weight of Zero by Karen Fortunati !!!!!

It feels like a death sentence, bipolar disorder. 

I’ll never be normal.

The mania doesn’t bother me. It’s mania’s flip side, Zero.

I am petrified of him. 

Someone who has never felt it can never understand

what the absence of emotion feels like. 

It is a hopelessness of incomprehensible, unspeakable weight.

Yet I’m supposed to move forward. 

Live, even knowing that sooner or later, it’ll come back.

Solitary confinement in Zero’s black tundra. 

That’s no future. 

So I’ve got a plan. 

The first thought I had was the blurb on the back made me instantly want to read this book. I always love a good perspective on mental illness and it made me really happy to see that bipolar will play a major role in this book. The second was how lucky I was that I recieved such a gift out of the blue. The third was about how stunning the cover was…is. The colors and balance is absolutely perfect. I love everything about it! 

I also wondered how I got the book. I wasn’t notified for winning a giveaway. I don’t remember entering one for this book. Then, the truth came, my mom had entered a giveaway for me without telling me. She never thought I would’ve won, but it was a nice surprise for both of us. 

The nicest surprise of the giveaway was the handwritten note on a cute thank you card from the author. It said, “Dear Tiana, Congrats on winning the giveaway! Thanks so much for entering! I hope you enjoy it!… -Karen” 

It made me feel so happy to get a little card with a note from an author! It made me feel so warm inside. 

On my final note, I want to give a huge thank you to the author. This book looks amazing. I can’t wait to read it!

Check out the author at her site here.

-Till next time!

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