For the first day of Nanowrimo I was determined to begin with a bang. My entire day was spent writing wherever and whenever I could. I wrote while waiting to go into class. I wrote while sitting in the car. I wrote as I ate. I just let go of any and all excuses and wrote. 

At the end of the day when I saw the fruit of my passion, a whopping 5,689 words, I couldn’t contain my pride. 

I had written more in one day then I ever had before. It made me feel like I was truly capable of finishing my first draft faster then I ever thought possible. I learned so much about my characters and I felt as though I lived with them as I wrote. 

I have the beginnings of a story! That is one of the most exciting notions of all. 

This month will be full of ups and downs, but at least I know I have a good starting point and a story that I am happy and excited for. 


Are you joining Nanowrimo? If you have started your novel how was your day one? Let me know in the comments below!

-Till next time!

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