We all have those go to places that we feel the most comfortable. Places that clear our minds and make us feel at home. Here are some of my favorite places to read a great book!

1. The coffee shop

There is nothing like being surrounded by the smell of coffee and holding a book in your hand. The light and comfortable air of a cosy coffee shop makes me feel warm and light for a good read. Going out to read In a coffee shop doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the feeling is magical. 

2. At the park 

I never feel more in tune with myself then when I am at the park. I can see myself, sitting in a nook of a tree reading a book as its pages are illuminated by the sunlight. It’s where I feel my soul connected with the earth. 

3. In the car

On my way home from school I will have a book in my hand from where I sit in the back seat. Reading in the car will be a time in my life I will treasure. One day I no longer will be able to. 

4. At IKEA 

IKEA is like a secret meeting place. A place where you can go from room to room to settle in and relax. The eating area has always felt cosy to me. I love to bring a book to IKEA. 

5. At the beach 

This never happens except in my dreams. The soft lullaby of the ocean waves as I curl up in a towel on its sandy beach and read a book under the protection of an umbrella. 

5 thoughts on “Favorite Places: To Read 

  1. I’ve never read at IKEA! It’s too far from my place so when I go I just grab what I need and head home, I hate the disposition of the place that forces you to go all the way, brrr! I can’t read in cars because I get sick, but I have always envied people who can. I turned to audiobooks to help with the frustration of the time lost in traffic jams. I completely agree with the coffee shop and the park, I love being surrounded by noises and people but completely immersed in a story. Reading on a blanket at the beach is great, especially when there aren’t many people around, in fall for example 🙂

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    1. I’m sorry that you can’t read in cars 😦 It’s a unique sort of fun that I didn’t realize I loved so much. IKEA can be a far place to go, but I just got lucky enough to live close by to where I basically live there. I probably end up at IKEA almost everyday. It’s another one of those places that I never realized how much I actually enjoy going to, but I am glad that you can enjoy the coffee shop and the beach! Plus what I love about reading is that it can be done basically everywhere! Maybe there is a place only you really know about where you go to read… Maybe you just haven’t found it yet! The possibilities are endless!


  2. Such lovely pictures! Did you take them yourself? Wish I could take pictures like that… AND I wish I could read in cars. That would be such a good way to spend time. I do, however, love reading while commuting by train/tram/bus/foot 🙂 My boyfriend always laughs at me because I’m one of those people who walk along the street with a book in front of their faces 🙂

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