I confess… 

1. I am wholeheartedly obsessed with books. 

I love to read books. I love to write books. I love to talk about book. I love everything and anything having to do with…Doctor W(Wrong confession) books!

2. Spoilers fall off me like a water droplet off a leaf.

I have been spoiled many a time about the ending of a book, but when I end up reading it, the spoiler becomes a forgotten daydream and the story comes together in such a different way then I imagined to the point where spoilers don’t bother me anymore.

3. I love to hate characters (more then I should)

Sometimes when I read a story I will hate a certain character with a passion, but as the story keeps going, even if I wish that character would die, I am exteremly happy they are there. Hated characters add a certain flavor to a story, even if that character was never intended to be hated. 

4. I will rarely dislike a book I have read 

A majority of the books I have read, I have loved. No matter the book, I generally look at the positives and mostly ignore the negatives as much as possible. There are a small group of books that are the exception, but generally, I think of how hard an author must have worked to write a story and in the end I just get so lost in a book that it doesn’t matter if there was a minor thing I didn’t like. 

5. I often don’t mind if a book is poorly written

This often goes for wattpad where a lot of books are written by first time authors. I will often notice a spelling or grammar mistake and read on by like I never saw it, because I am enjoying a story so much. I love the content of a story. Minimal errors don’t really bother me. 

6. I have major bookshelf envy

When I go on Instagram and I see the sheer number of bookstagramers that have amazingly large beautiful book shelves piled sky high with books, I want to cry a little from jealousy. My only solice is the fact that I have a lifetime to grow and read as many books as I could ever want. My library grows everyday. 
What bookish confessions are you willing to let out?

What story’s irk you?

What about a story makes you so excited you can’t stand it? 

What do you love about books? 

-Till next time!

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