I don’t quite understand 

How we got from there to here 

We used to speak all the time 

Yet now neither of us say anything at all

But that’s ok I’m here your there 

Time is the test of all 

I still have our stories 

Locked deep inside my soul

Words we shared 

Smiles and laughs 

They pass every so often in my dreams 

A great mark in my memory

A part of what makes me, me 

I wonder if our words flicker in your mind too?

Do you ever think of the two of us? 

Am I a part of who you are? 

As our time changed me so long ago

Maybe it doesn’t matter to you

Those words and time we shared 

But I hope at least you smile too 

When your reminded of secrets together 

Your words are on my mind 

Hidden in my heart 

Sometimes I wish you were still here 

Sometimes I wish we were never apart

Thanks for reading! For some reason the song ‘You were always on my mind’ popped into my head and inspired this poem. I hoped you enjoyed it! 🙂

-Till next time!

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