Smoke and mirrors 

Designed to stray the eye 

That’s not who you are 

Your the honest kind of guy 

Your strong your true 

I wish I’d realized before 

Because now your with her 

I made my mistake 

I’m knocking on a locked door 

But all I ask 

Is the smallest of requests 

Would you kindly please 

Dream a little dream of me 

Dream of a time where I was good 

Where I didn’t knock you down 

When I didn’t question your intentions 

When I didn’t ask for any more 

You are the perfect guy

Your mistakes were built from good ideals 

I am sorry that I had to go away 

To see that you were true 

I couldn’t understand 

How a guy like you 

Could truly mean the things you whispered 

Could love a girl and no other 

Could be so good 

The disception was my creation 

A figment of my mind 

Now your gone and all I hope for 

Is for you to Dream 

To Dream a sweet little dream of me 
Good night, sweet dreams, the story of my own romantic and tired mind. 

-Till next time!

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