I have a major problem with writing at night. I spend my days with my mind dormant, completely asleep, gone away from me, no good for use. Yet once it is time for me to close my eyes and dream wonderful dreams my brain wakes up and whispers loudly at me, “Hey, hey you, hey, hey, hey Tiana, wakey wakey! Hey! You kinda need to write. You really, really need to write. HEY! Write right now dam it! GOOOO!” 

Finally, I have to listen to myself and I end up on my phone typing away till my thumbs become numb at midnight. This highly randevous happens even if I wrote earlier on my laptop like a normal person. So basically, every, single, night, I sit on my chair, my thumbs bleeding, my head screaming, and my imagination churning. 

Depending on what I’m writing, I will often finally end up sleeping at 1 in the morning. Which, would not be so bad, except, a lot of the time I won’t finish what I wanted to finish because my phone battery is always at 20% when I start typing. This means that if I am writing a blog post (ex. I am writing one right now. Battery life is at 14%. The time is 11:53 p.m.) I have to rush to finish it so I can publish it before my phone dies. (The issue of writing blog posts on my phone will be addressed later) 

At the same time, I am working on what I like to call my nightly imagination generator. Which at the same time is not always rational. Sometimes I will write something only to read it the next day and wonder, why?! 

Sometimes though, my nightly imagination generatior is a genius and I end up writing much better pieces than I ever thought I could write, but I cannot continue to invest in a faulty system. The conundrum is that this problem is chronic and I sometimes rather enjoy it, especially when I write poetry, but I need to develop a better habit. 

The other issue is school and my tendency to procrastinate. I will finish assignments during the day when my brain is on academic proper grammar writing mode. That part of my brain emotionally exhausts me so I end up reading or watching videos to gain back a bit of happiness and relaxation. Then I do everything in my power to not write (I call this intentional unintentional forgetting) till by the time I ‘remember’ what I should be doing it is 12:00 a.m. 

This is a problem that I am not quite certain I am prepaired to fix. I need guidence. What do you suggest? 

-Till next time!

7 thoughts on “Writing at Night

  1. I would suggest creating a nightly routine and stick to it every single day, I personally like to separate a time during the day where I write, in peace and quiet in order tot avoid the urge to start writing at night, and if any ideas come write it on a post-it-note and leave it there for the next day. Personally, that’s what helped me. Forgive that I couldn’t be of greater assistance, I’m not an expert myself but I hope you find a way to overcome it.

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    1. I rather like the post-it note idea! That could be really helpful. Routines and me have a sticky relationship. I try to commit, but usually it doesn’t work out, but as they say practice makes perfect. So maybe I could give it another try! Thank you for your comment! Don’t worry about being an expert, your comments have helped me just fine. Most of the time, all we need is another kind soul to care and give their honest advice. That I think is more helpful than anything an expert could give. So thank you again!

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  2. A routine might help your brain learn a new pattern for you to focus πŸ™‚ I know I am more productive since I decided to write reviews on Saturday mornings. It’s like my mind already knows what it has to do. I suffer from insomnia so I often get ideas during the night and like you, my phone is often dying so I just have time to type a few things and bam! I keep a little notebook on my nightstand but I’m lazy so I don’t write much in it, haha!

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    1. Incorporating small things to create a new routine might be just the way to help me out! I have never been good at creating routines and they usually fail, but maybe that’s because I add too much at once. Thank you for your help! 😊


  3. I’ve tried to also develop a routine to reduce this happening to me. What I’ll do is aim to get all my work done by 8pm, regardless of how much I’ve done unless it’s super, super urgent. I’ll then use the two hours between 8-10 to write, although this usually ends up spilling over to +11pm. I think it’s important to set restrictions on how long you’re letting yourself write for and to allow yourself freedom on days/nights you don’t need to urgently be up the next morning.

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    1. That sounds like a viable option. I often find myself working on university assignments somewhere around that time, but my personal writing time is always pretty late. Maybe I can try to reduce the hour I start writing little by little till I can write at a decent hour. Thank you for your input!! This really helps! πŸ€—

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