Coffee stains 

Night reigns 

No time for love 

Talking into a void 

Trying to be someone 

Taking on too much 

Crying, feeling, I’m just not enough

Just moving forward 

Trying to catch those shiny lights 

Forgetting what made me 

Forgetting what’s right 

Then it happened 

It all went all askew 

What I wanted

Didn’t happen 

I don’t derserve anything new 

Yet something changed 

I remembered family 

I remembered laughter and love 

I danced for my own pleasure 

I gave out all my love

I started anew 

I changed who I am

I became someone who takes courage and strives for truth

I found love in my heart 

I choose passion instead of tiny pieces of sand 

Because what truly matters 

Is not the amount 

But the hope and the realization of passion-filled dreams
Follow your heart, your passions, your dreams. Let happiness be your guide. For joy is the root of all good in life. 

-Till next time!

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