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I have a life 

Be it puny and small

But a life it is 

I give it my all 

Buzzing around 

Searching for what I need 

The hive it needs me 

This tiny old bee 

I’m always searching 

Looking for sparks 

Dazzling lights 

Delicious delights

I carry on my legs 

Flying up high 

I see my busy home 

Thousands are my brothers 

They wizz on by

Working hard for our mother 

Day in and out 

We go on our work 

Never stopping to rest 

Until it is our time to go.

Our one true danger 

Is tall and frightening 

Swatting and yelling 

Can’t reason with em’ 

Can’t ask em’ why their angry 

The hardest part is when we are tired

Resting on the ground 

Seeing a shadow and then nothing 

Smashed flat into the ground 

This is our worst nightmare 

Other then lack of water 

Dehydration mixed with humans 

Grants death and nothing better 

But I’ve met a human 

That was once kind and led me to drink

I thought I was a goner 

But it held me and helped me rest 

I kissed its hand before I flew away

Wondering at my sweet luck 

When I got home no one believed me 

A myth is all it is now 

But it happened and I am thankful 

Though I hear of the deaths of my brothers 

The horror never stops  

Gone by the hands of screaming humans 

I wonder if the monsters are scared? 

But that’s nonsense 

Because how could that be 

That a big gangly human 

Could be afraid of a tiny guy like me? 
Since I was a little girl my dad taught me to love all of God’s creatures no matter how small. Bees are the one bug that can harm me that he taught me have full tolerance for. I’ve held them in my hands and saved some of them from death. I have also been stung on my hand and on my belly. I’m lucky I am not allergic. I know that many are allergic and can’t help their reaction to bees, but this is just a product of what I have always felt towards them. I’m sad I haven’t met many who have felt the same. 

-Till next time!

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