2016 was such an incredible reading year for me. I read so many amazing books and I am so happy to feature them all here!

My goal was to read 50 books in 2016 and I ended up reading a few more than that. This year was incredibly busy between finishing high school and beginning college and I’m proud that I got to read as many books as I did. 

I hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading. How was your year in books? What were your favorite reads? Let me know in the comment section!

-Till next time!

11 thoughts on “GoodReads: My Year in Books 2016

  1. Congratulation on reaching your reading goals and more! 😀 I think it’s really awesome that your average rating is 4.3! It’s even higher than mine (4.0) and I’m already happy with mine 😛 it seems that you enjoyed most of the books you read this year, don’t you? Also I’m really happy with goodreads my year in books feature, it’s really awesome and makes it easier for us to look back on our reading achievements! Hope 2017 will be even better both reading and non-reading wise 🙂

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      1. Ok, I did it right, then!
        Because I have wanted to post the graphic, but it’s not really a graphic…which is frustrating. And I’m sure it won’t be available forever. Luckily, I’m housesitting, so I had access to a comp and used the snipping tool! It worked! (I usually only have my iPad or iPhone for posting).
        Awesome job this year!

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        1. Thank you! I also post mostly off my iPhone so I took a bunch a screen shots and cropped those. It would be kind of sad to loose that graphic if it becomes unavailable because they are so nice and full of fun reading memories. I’m glad you got to get it to work the way you wanted it to!

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          1. Oh, me too!
            I would never have thought of the snipping tool (I had screenshots too originally), but yours looked so good and I had access to a comp that I thought that must’ve been how you did it! Yours looks so good!
            I’m glad we both got to save them…last year’s version is gone because I didn’t Blog back then.

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          2. Thank you! I’m happy I could be of some help. It’s so sad that they are not saved automatically. So many people would really enjoy the memory.


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