There comes a time in life when you realize that you have a serious problem and if you don’t make a point to fix it right then and there it will forever be broken. 

There comes a time where you realize that you are running out of shelf space and you can’t buy a new shelf anytime soon. 

There comes a time where you realize that many books on said bookshelves are just taking up space and you just need to push yourself to let them go. 

Now’s the time when all these things have come to pass. 

Now’s the time to mourn and let go. 

Goodbye my sweet books, I shall miss you, but your time has come and gone and I need to move on. 

The time for my first ever voluntary book unhaul is here. 

The purge has begun! 

First up on the chopping block is The Last Place on Earth

The beautiful galaxy cover of this book has deceived me. This book is a Dnf I won’t miss (it kills me to say this about a book) it could have been so good, but it burned me bad. I have so many trust issues after this book. 

Next to go is an extra copy of Jane Eyre

This is a painless release because I still own a copy. I really need to create more room on my shelves. I have so many books I want to read and not nearly enough room to keep them. 

The disappointing sadness that is Go Ask Alice 

Another book that could have been fantastic, but the difference is that this one is purposefully deceptive. It makes me so sad that this was falsely marketed for years. The fact that I read it recently and didn’t found out till I was half-way through made me feel cheated. One of the biggest disappointments of my entire reading career. 

School oldies: The Power and the Glory & Cry the Beloved Country

These two were Ap English reads that while somewhat interesting to read the one time through, are not books I am interested in re-reading. So, these books sadly must go. 

An impulse library buy: The Thief

At one point in my life, I might have been interested in this. It has been on my shelf for way to long and I have no desire to read it. 

Unnecessary Series: Mercy and Dreaming Awake

I probably would have enjoyed this one, but I don’t see myself buying the first book and it felt like I was holding on to it for too long. It saddens me, but this book will be leaving my home. 

I no longer have a desire to read this series. I only ever got book one and I never felt motivated to read it, so I guess this is goodbye? 

The time has come to say goodbye, to lovely homes I hope you fly. Please be found by those who appreciate, your somewhat weird acquired taste. Goodbye my loves, stories that were just not part of my fate. Whether or not I enjoyed you doesn’t matter, what matters is you are free to date! 

I really enjoyed writing this somewhat quirky little post. I hope you liked it. Thanks for reading!

 What books have you had to unhaul? What was your most disappointing read? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

I hope you are having a great day/night/week. 

-Till next time!

15 thoughts on “Sadness: The Story of a Book Unhaul

  1. I do this every few years, emptying my shelves of anything I dont cherish or that I won’t reread – good, bad or indifferent. I give them to friends or to charity. That’s a positive thing to do as it gives the books another life. So, don’t feel sad. You will give pleasure and make room for new books 😀

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    1. Thank you! It does feel good in retrospect. There are so many book out there in the world and there is a story for every book lover. I am glad that I am finally letting go of some of the books that I don’t feel like owning anymore.


  2. Girl! This is the best idea ever! I watched the documentary on minimalism on Netflix the other day and decided it was time to let go as well. I move around a lot, which means changing my home every 5-6 months and overloading my suitcases with books as well as giving them away for storage. So, I grabbed all books I had at my current location and donated them to the local library. Besides, carrying around Kindle is so much easier than an entire suitcase of books, right?
    The decision made both me and the librarian happy BUT I got pretty emotional while handing my dearly loved copies of ACOTAR series to the librarian 😭

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    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed this post. The fact that you gave all your books away is at once amazing and saddening. There are certain books in my life that I feel I could never give away. It does make sense for you to work it out that way with how often you move. I feel a sense of a happy sad for how hard it often is to let certain things go.

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      1. It does make me sad but also very happy since it makes my life a lot easier. In fact, this kind of decisions make me question every item I own like “Does this bring me joy? Do I really need it?” So, giving away my books did give me a bit more freedom (a.k.a. I can stock up on books again ahaha)

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        1. I did feel that liberating feeling after giving away the books that I did. The mentality of keeping what is necessary and enjoyable is a great mentality to have. It is one I hope to embrace in the future.

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