The strength of held hands 

The power of a hug 

A simple touch on the shoulder 

The solidarity of a look

 A comforting touch 

A hand holding a cheek

Sitting next to a loved one

Our actions let us know 

That we care and are cared for 

Have you ever felt the happiness of hands caressing your hair? 

Sometimes we notice 

How simple touches make us feel 

But so often it’s forgotten

How a subtle touch can make us feel 

It oftens says a lot to be present in ones life

To be there to comfort 

To be there when things go right 

A high five 

A handshake 

Secret gestures between great friends 

A smile to a stranger 

A dance 

Being quirky 

Being you 

Without saying a single word

There is so much our subtle actions 

Say about who we are 

There is beauty in a smile 

A simple touch 

A wink 

Cuddling for warmth

 A moment shared 

Touches given 

Are the way we share our hearts

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 
-Till next time! 

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