This is the world we live in

Full of lives 

Full of ideas 

Full of mothers and fathers 

Children and teachers 

Millions of people 

Joined together today

To share their voice 

To take each other’s hand 

To walk together 

Against the ideals of one man 

It was a walk against Hate 

A walk to celebrate diversity

To show we are here for one another 

As much as we can be 

It was a beautiful day 

Opening the door for many more

For us to continue to work together 

I am excited for what’s in store

It was a fight for all races 

A fight for total equality

A fight to show we will not rest

Until all people can go on peacefully 

Until the world is filled with unity

Acceptance for all

We must not wallow in despair 

We must be vocal

We must stand tall 

In this world 

We have one common uniter 

The love we share with one another 

A true compassion for our fellow people 

We must never forget 

What was fought for on this day

Because love trumps hate 

No matter what century or place

I am awed and inspired by the sheer numbers of people that protested for their beliefs today. My one regret is that I could not personally attend, and so this post is my thank you to all who did. I felt tears in my eyes as I looked at countless photographs and heard the many speeches of those who joined the march. I have never been prouder of humanity, this fight gives me so much hope. There is work yet to be done, and this is only a beginning. I can’t wait to see the beauty of what this future will bring. 

Thank you for reading. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

-Till next time!

16 thoughts on “Love Trumps Hate 

    1. Thank you! This whole issue is incredibly important to me. Thank you for recommending that post, I always enjoy reading and listening to others voices on this issue. Thank you for your comment!

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        1. I am also Catholic, but I also do not believe that the state should have control over a woman’s body. I believe that God gave us all the free will to do what we need to with our bodies. This issue is so emotionally charged and I think at times the sides clash without being willing to converse about it peacefully. I also respect your views on this matter. I really wish that there wasn’t so much hate spread when both sides argue their points to one another. Thank you for your comment.

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          1. I believe that the baby inside the woman is a human being, that the baby is not a part of the woman’s body but of their own. I believe that God would want every life to be accepted, not just the ones we think should live, because God is the author of life, and it is his choice alone to bring humans into being.

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          2. That’s beautiful, and I completely understand that part of it, that was how I thought about it for a time as well. This whole issue is so complicated because it is two good ideals held against one another. The belief that all life is valid, which is true, and the ideal that we all have a right to choose our path and what we do in all aspects of our lives. I also feel that woman have a right to easy access to contraception, and the ability to make it so they don’t have a child if they do not want one which would prevent any potential abortions from happening. Also a lot of girls take birth control for major health issues and they should have easy access to the medicine that they need. I don’t think that it should be me or anyone else making a decision for a woman for her. Plus if we do not allow a woman that choice their will be times where a woman will take other means to have an abortion that would be unsafe and unsanitary, especially when a doctor is giving the news that having a child is unsafe to the mother and will cause her death. This issue is also a difficult one because there are so many voices speaking with so many different backgrounds and beliefs that what is most important becomes blurred for us all. In the end our paths to doing what is right is our own. If we allow the state to make a decision for us in this aspect, it could lead to other areas where our free will is taken from us. A woman’s soul wrenching choice to have an abortion due to many circumstances of life is a terrible affect of so many tragic situations that have been perpetrated by society, rape, poverty, abuse, the threat of death, hatred, anger, and all twisted forms of life’s pressures. I cannot tell anyone what is right for them to do, there is more to every story, God is our final judge, passing judgement is not up to me.


  1. I hear what you are saying about contraception, but the truth is that contraception can cause abortion, it’s not safe half the time. As for not giving women a choice, there is always adoption that gives the child the chance to live. When a baby is caused by rape, I have no doubt the woman raped is very traumatized, and is not sure what to do, but the baby still should be able to live. We as humans, should not kill those who are innocent, even in tricky cases. If you want to get more info about the Catholic churches teachings on this, check out this website: ~Kyla❤


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