I am not the kind of person that easily keeps a schedule. I am not a planner. I am not orginized. My mind is easily distracted, and I am at times, terribly lazy. 

Yet I started The Book Raven and I have kept with it. (Except for a few weeks in November where I was emotionally destroyed by a certain DT) I have somehow gotten myself to write posts every single day in December, and every single day of this month so far, and I am proud and a little confused with myself. 

I am turning into a person of habit, someone who makes it a point to write for this blog every single day. (I never write posts ahead of time, it’s why they always come out at night here in America time, I am a night owl when it comes to writing) The weird thing is, it hasn’t been a difficult thing to keep up with. It’s something I look forward to, something I love and I couldn’t be happier for it. 

There are the days that I feel super tired and I want to go to sleep a bit early, but then a little voice inside me whispers in a wonderfully annoying voice, ‘Tiana…. Tiannnnnaahhh, you have a post to dooooo, no I know you don’t have an idea ready, but you better think of something, no you are not closing your eyes, no you are not going to sleep until you write your post, you started this thing and now you are committed, you hear me!’ Then I will get up, grab my phone, figure out something to write, and write it.

My one semblance of organization is with tags and awards. I have a list on my phone of all the things I have been tagged for with the link to the blog that tagged me, I space the dates out for when I am going to post them, and although I do not write them ahead of time, I make sure that they are all done in a timely fashion. The one other thing that I have saved there are ideas for posts that take time to complete, are related to a holiday, or that need the assistance from other bloggers. Those are a huge help to keep me from improvising posts all the time. 

The one other thing that goes with my daily posts is the banners I always create, because I am a procrastinator, I do those right before I write a post, especially because they help me see what kind of theme/mood I want the post to take on. 

All these blogging quirks of mine are rather impractical, what if I get super busy and don’t have time to blog? What if I go out on a holiday? What if something drastic happens and I end up unprepared? Well, honestly I’m not sure. The thing is, I love blogging this way. It’s something that challenges me. Something that makes me smile and feel more in tune with myself. 

This sort of “improv” blogging is probably the only way I could blog. My life is built upon spontaneity, (even if it makes me come off like an idiot at times), but I kinda like that. There have been so many times that I would write a poem that just flowed before I even knew what I was writing about. This sort of random writing gave birth to some of my favorite posts, for example (Not Really) A Reading Slump that I wrote and published two days ago was birthed without me knowing what I was going to write about, or The Diviners Playlist, and 100% of the poems that are posted on this blog. This post, was a product of me, trying to figure out what I wanted to talk about. 

I know so many people that would be pulling out their hairs before they could stand writing and posting the way I do, but I think that’s the point. We all blog, think, and do things in our own unique and quirky ways and I love that. We all have our own rhythm to how we approach life and if we all beat to the same drum, how could we ever create new songs? 

The small diverse ways we all approach things ripple to where we split apart into our own unique selves, yet we are all here, sharing, creating, and supporting each other’s thoughts in our own intertwining webs on the entanglement that is the Internet. What an amazing world we all live in. 

Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoyed, let me know in the comments your thoughts, musings, and some of your little quirks (in life, blogging, or otherwise) 

As always…. 

-Till next time! 

17 thoughts on “How I Blog: A Study of Impracticality that Somehow Works Out

  1. I had the same way of blogging until December and I simply couldn’t keep up with my own schedule anymore. So it felt quite good to loosen up a little.

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  2. Hey Tiana!
    I am awed! I can’t blog without a schedule, becasue my schedule in real life is just overflowing, like, all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up and usually, I write posts for a few weeks within one or two days I dedicate to blogging when I have the time. I whish I could be as spontanious as you because I’d like to post more often than three times a week and include more of my own musings about things. But usualy I just sit and wait the page to write on itself becasue I can’ sort out about what I’d like to talk about haha.
    Keep it up 😉

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    1. Thank you! Sometimes it is difficult to keep up with schedules (it is why I often write blog posts at midnight) everything that pops up from time to time often gives you a run for your money, but there is fun in that. You never really know exactly what to expect. Thank you for your comment! 😊💕

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        1. 😊, honestly I’m not sure if I’d recommend my technique because it is a bit like running down the clock hoping for time, but it is rewarding in its own way. Let me know if it works out for you!

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  3. I pretend to plan and think things out but I just tend to go with the flow! I want to be more consistent — I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how to change that. It’s incredibly interesting to see how other bloggers do their thing 😊

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    1. Sometimes going with the flow is good. Maybe just a few staple posts that you always do on a certain day can help find the consistency your looking for, but as you can tell in this post I’m a bit of a go with the flow kind of person myself.

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  4. I’m like you I think- scheduling is something that just doesn’t even cross my mind. I haven’t been doing many tags or discussion posts… that’s just something in my head kind of goin- ‘who cares what you think?’ 😀 and it’s horrible of me and to me to think that way. And yet I post my reviews… I totally go by how I’m feeling when it comes to blogging.. I can’t start reading another book until I’ve written a review for the one I just finished and sometimes the review just doesn’t come… so I’m left in between this weird place of- I want to read a fresh book, but i can’t until I’ve reviewed the last one but I can’t find words to write that review’ on and on and on 😀

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    1. That happens to me too! A lot of the time I don’t want to pick up another book until I’ve done the review for the last book I’ve read. That can be frustrating at times, especially when you are unsure of what to say.

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  5. I really enjoyed reading this because it’s like the opposite of what I do. I have always scheduled my posts and they are my life saver. Scheduling is a tool I need now. Since the start f the year I’m trying to sti all saturdays and write all the postsfor the week, schedule them so I don’t think about that through the week. And in the week I check other peple’s blog, do a blog hop, like and comment or answer anything.
    Other thing I do different are my banners/thumbnails. It’s the last thing I do. Firstly I write all the post so I can get the ‘vibe’ and create the design. But I’m so lazy with that. It’s insane, I love making them but I’m lazy.
    So, I’m happy to know you are happy with your way of blogging, it’s a very important thing!

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    1. That’s really cool and interesting. It really is a polar opposite sort of thing, but the important part is that we both enjoy what we write and how we blog and we both are comfortable in how we do what we do. It’s nice to hear and see how nuanced we all really are. Thanks for commenting!

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  6. I used to take a fairly erratic approach to blogging but having sat at midnight trying to figure out what to write, knowing I need to get up for work in about 6 hours I had to start scheduling. Now I do most of my blog posts at the weekend and schedule them for during the week.

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