The Resistance United in Love By Many Authors 

My Rating: 5 stars!

Publisher: Amalie Silver 

Published: February 20th, 2017

Received: Netgalley provided an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.

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We the people

Will not be silenced

Our voices are important.
We the people 

Will not be pushed aside

We will be seen

Our numbers are more than you know.
We the people

Will make a difference 

We will hold the government accountable 

Our empathy is not a weakness.
In these turbulent times we the people will stand together in the face of hate knowing we are all equal, and every life matters.

We the people are The Resistance, United in Love
Authors coming together to write a collection of poems and essays that reflect our views on what has happened and our hopes for the future.
This work is not affiliated with any political party. 
100% of the proceeds will be donated to the ACLU 
The Resistance and its authors are independent entities and not affiliated with the ACLU or any political party. 


I read this book in a couple hour long single sitting. This book was too necessary and too pertinent to ignore. I could not stop myself once I began and it was for very good reason. 

The essays and poems in this collection took every argument I ever had against the current POTUS and condensed it all into a beautiful neat little book. The authors that contributed to this story outlined my fears, tugged at my heartstrings, and raised me up in my hopes. For the sake of equality, our rights as a human being, and for the plea for compassion, I beg of you please read this book. 

There were stories that broke me. Poems that gave me chills. People that came together in order to speak out about the wrongdoings that have prevailed in our country since November 9th, and let’s all face it for years and years prior when we immagrated to America and tortured and killed Native Americans to stake claim on a land that was never meant to be ours. 

America is a country built by the hands of imagrants. That is a fact that I feel many purposely forget. Our country needs to remember its roots and to think about why it is not something we should ever want to go back to. Our culture was built across the heated backs of slaves. Our children born by mothers that had no say. Our rights fought for by suffragists and civil rights groups that knew that what was happening every single day was not ok and must be fought against. 

When our President says Make America Great Again, I ask when was America truly great. What point in our history should we go back to? I cannot stand back and see our world crumble back to a time where any human could be physically attacked just for there color of skin. I cannot stand down when our country reverts back to a time where people died because they were different from ourselves and that made us afraid. I cannot let this go and so I implore you to take a look at this book and read its words and think to yourself weather or not you truly believe that the man that is standing in our highest office today, is truly the type of man we want running our country. 

Will you stand down or will you rise up and resist?
A huge thank you to the writers of The Resistance United in Love: Danielle Allen, Dylan Allen, JC Andrijeski, Megan Benjamin Evans, Elizabeth Burgess, Deborah Cunningham Burst, Emme Burton, M.C. Cerny, Selene Chardou, S. Simone Chavous, T. Thorn Coyle, Sarah M. Cradit, Ella Dominguez, Nicole Falls, John Gregory Hancock, Bayli Lane, Robin Lee, Olivia Linden, Grant Miller, Harper Miller, Morgan Jane Mitchell, C. Ricketts, Katherine Rhodes, Kimberly Rose, Amalie Silver, M. Stratton, Leslie Claire Walker, and Zoe York.

Your words give me hope. 

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed this review. This post definitely became well more intense than I previously intended for it to be, but with the accusation against Obama wiretapping the orange’s Oval Office this morning has made me a bit livid. No matter who you are or what you believe I ask you to read this book. We must not forget who we are as a country and I do not want to live in a place that is moving so far backwards so quickly. Thank you again and let me know your thoughts in the comments. Even if you disagree I want to hear about it, I’m always curious as to why, but I do not want to see any hate. You won’t get any from me and so I expect the same Courtesy and respect from you. 

-Till next time!

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