The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

My Rating: 5 stars! 

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: August 20th, 2013

Received: Thrift store find (some of the best luck I have ever had perfect unused condition too!) 

Purchase: Book Depository 

Enter the world of Paige Mahoney, a gifted clairvoyant, a “dreamwalker”, in the year 2059. Her natural talents are considered treasonous under the current regime. Snatched away to a secret prison, she encounters another race, the Rephaim, creatures who wish to control the powers of Paige and those like her. One in particular will be assigned as her keeper, her trainer. But his motives are mysterious. To regain her freedom, Paige must learn to trust, in the prison where she is meant to die.


I loved this book! It is everything I could have ever wanted it to be and so much more! This book was one that I waited so long to finally get and read and I am so estatic that I could finally have it in my hands. 

I honestly don’t have the words to describe why I love this book so much. The characters, the description, the setting, the conflict, everything, was so good to me. So much action took place in this novel and it took me on a journey that immersed since page one. 

Paige is such an awesome character to follow. She is a true leader, and she is someone I wish I could be. I loved learning about her with the dreams of her past and I loved how much you see the growth in her throughout the pages. It was all so well done!

 I also love the fact that the idea of being free for a clairvoyant is so different from the idea of freedom in America. The whole clairvoyant system is so interesting to me! I was geeking out over it every single moment a new type of clairvoyant appeared and then the rephium and their relationship with Scion and all those political details made me really estatic. 

I could go on and on about the details I loved from this book but because this is a mini review I’m just gonna stop here. 

*eternally fangirling over this book* 

Please let me know if you’ve read this book in the comments! I’m just dying to form some more coherent thoughts on this book and I’d love to speak with you about it! Thanks for reading! 

-Till next time!

37 thoughts on “The Bone Season: A Mini Review 

  1. I read this a really long time ago, when it just came out, but it seems to be suddenly getting a lot of great reviews haha.
    I loved the world too! The setting of London and banning of clairvoyance was so cool. Paige was such an awesome lead 😀

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      1. Weirdly enough, though I loved this book, I never picked up the sequel. Because of all the stellar reviews it’s been getting lately, think I might reread and marathon the first two books and wait for the third one to come out this year 😀

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  2. Adore this book. Soon gunna reread it so I can head straight into the mime order then onto the song rising 🙈🙈 so excited to see where the series goes!

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  3. I haven’t read this book yet, but it is on my TBR. I will probably get to it this year, hopefully. I’m glad that you enjoyed it this much 😊

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  4. I’m so glad you loved it. I picked it up on a whim a couple of years ago and have read it probably 6 times since then. The second one in the series, The Mime Order, is also good but not quite The Bone Season level. I just started the third one, The Song Rising, that was released last week and it is fantastic. I love the world and characters that Samantha Shannon created.

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          1. My library probably does, but I don’t really use my library because I have too many of my own books that I haven’t read yet, plus I never finish by the due date and it becomes a vicious cycle. It’s a weird think to hear from someone who loves books so much, but it just doesn’t work for whatever reason. 😭


    1. I didn’t use the glossary… for some reason I didn’t know about it until the end and by then I knew more or less what was what. It didn’t take away from the reading experience though. I’m definitely keeping the glossary in mind for book 2.

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      1. Oh good. I know people complained that there is a glossary, but I don’t get that complaint. Author is bein a friend and helpin you lol 🙂 It does help to remind you if you forget what a certain clairvoyant does. Can’t wait to see what you think of book two when you read it!

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