So, at the beginning of this month I randomly decided to push myself to read the following netgalley books: 

Plus 1 special book: The Enemy Within by Scott Burn

So far I have read and reviewed 3 books from this list: 

The Resistance by a plethora of authors

This book was absolutely everything! My thoughts are there thoughts. I learned so much from this and I’m so happy to have read it! 

Here is a link to my review here. 

Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein 

This book was a very enjoyable read, but I couldn’t give it as high a rating as I wanted to because I felt like there was so much about it I wanted more from. 

Here is a link to this review here. 

The Suffering Tree by Elle Cosimano

This book was such a cool read. The writing was absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed every second of it. 

Check out my review here. 

Plus a book that wasn’t on this challenge

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon 

Surprise, Surprise, I actually am using my Instagram @the_book_raven and  I am so proud of myself for picking myself up after losing hope in it, and since this is the only physical book on this list. This the only photo I get to share, but I’m just so proud of it I had to share it with you all! 

The Bone Season was an amazing amazing book and I will become a rambling idiot if I start talking about it here so I will leave you with my mini review here. 

I have got to say I’m pretty proud of my progress so far, however something came up. In fact two things popped up. 

That’s right two new approvals right there at the top. The Dead Inside by Cyndy Etler and Dying by Cory Taylor. Both are memoirs, both have death in the title. Both I know are going to destroy my heart. 

Which means, even though I read 3 netgalley books, my percentage is only at… 

Which I will say is up from the 54% I had when I started this challenge, but that does also mean that the 80% is that much farther away. 

The good news is! Those were the only pending requests I had before I started this challenge. So, even though I have more work to do I know I don’t have any new books that would stand in my way. 

The other good news: this week is spring break! Which means I have more time to read, and more time to knock this challenge out of the park. I can’t wait to defeat this challenge. It’s definitely fun so far. 

P.S. I recently won a ebook giveaway for A Court of Thorns and Roses, I’ve been wanting to read that book for so long it’s ridiculous. I don’t know if I can keep myself away, but for the sake of this challenge I hope I can find the strength in my heart to say no just a little while longer. 

p.p.s. Who am I kidding, I will just pretend it’s part of the challenge anyway. 5 books to read in 17 days? I can do this! Pshhh, I got this in the bag. The original 3 I had left will get me to 80% right… right?!?! 


I hope you enjoyed this post. I have way too much fun writing these posts about this challenge. I never loved my impromptu self more. Let me know your thoughts. Pray that I complete this challenge. I have so much hope for it. I’ve done alright so far. Just 5 more to go.. 

Thank you so much for reading! What are your most recent netgalley approvals or even denials? I love talking about netgalley. Something about just feels so unique. 

-Till next time! 

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