I have created a poetry prompt that I will attempt to write a poem for and one that I challenge you to do as well! Thanks to a class I’m taking I’ve taken an interest in some experimental poetry and this prompt is designed to create just that something different via random thought generation. 

Here what you do. Open up 3 different books at random, close your eyes and put your finger on a random word. The three words you find have to find there way in the poem. *Bonus for writing whatever comes to your mind without thinking about it too much* 

Experimental poems form their own intrinsic meaning that will not be understood right away, but that’s ok, and probably a good thing! Let your mind flow! 

The books I choose: Impulse by Ellen Hopkins, Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz, The Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich

The words: Brink, moment, crap

Give me a moment I am on the Brink of Finding someone to listen to my song 

It worries me how it all can flip on it’s head going right and hurrying along

There is something good about misconceptional crap

A turn of the dial and your walking into a room of carpeted glass 

I’m on my way to somewhere, grossly clean wall from here to there. A piece of my flesh gone fading 

The wind always whispers somewhere

Fragments of everything dance across stagnant air

I’ve gone to hear the gossipers ears open to the caviate born from watered error 

Thanks for reading! This is officially one of the weirdest poems I ever wrote, but as unusal as it felt it was a lot of fun. I hope to see some of you participating in this! I know it’s a little strange but that is the point of it. I really want to see how weird things can come out as being. 

-Till next time! 

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