At first, this was going to be a short little piece of a few books that I wanted to unhaul from my shelves. However, what ended up happening was a major inner need to get rid of books that were making me feel guilty that I haven’t read them even though I really don’t want to read them. 

Every month I’d tell myself. I will get to you this time I promise! Then time would pass the month would be gone and many months after the book would still be on my shelf unread. Recently, I’ve found that I want to be just a little bit selfish about my reading (it’s also apart of making myself feel ok about DNFing a book I just don’t like) time is precious, so why not give myself to reading books I’m the most interested in instead of letting those I don’t really want to read collect dust on my shelves? 

Here are the books I’m saying goodbye to: 

Dark Bites: 

I really wanted to get into reading some short stories at the time I purchased this book, but as I looked more into it, I got more and more disinterested in it. I simply don’t want to feel guilty about it anymore. 

This was the one I was most torn about, because it actually sounds really interesting, but every time I try to pick it up I loose interest in it and I’m ready to pass this on to more loving hands. 

I won this book in a giveaway a long time ago and I honestly don’t know why I entered in the first place. It’s definitely not my kind a story and I’ve gotten about a forth of the way into it at one time and trying to continue it feels like pulling teeth. 

The Book of Esther 

Another giveaway win that just wasn’t for me. If anything these books taught me that I need to be just a bit more picky and careful about entering bookish giveaways. 

This beautiful book was one I really wanted to love but didn’t. I could never finish this one either and putting it off so many times should have told me that it was ok to put this one to rest long ago. 


There was a time when I really wanted to read this book and sadly that time has long gone away. 

The Strange Angels series 

My mom bought these for me at a thrift store thinking I would enjoy them and I honestly thought I might, but the truth is these books are not for me and I need to cleanse them from my life. 

That’s eleven books! Eleven books from my shelves that I never read to completion that I simply no longer want to read. This was honestly very therapeutic in a way for me. I’m making way for a future of books that I hope to love. 

Thank you all for reading!! I hope you enjoyed this post. What books in your life do you have a struggle trying to read? What was the last book you unhauled? 

-Till next time! 

26 thoughts on “Major Book Unhaul! 

  1. This is awesome! I’ve actually been seriously considering doing it myself and I did unhaul a ton of books from when I was little last year. I sold a ton at a garage sale! I mean, hey, 25 cents apiece can really add up, am I right? 😉


  2. Unhauling books can feel so great! I’ve unhauled 75 books in the past year, and I still have like 40 books I want to get rid of… which is kind of excessive… But there are better books that I’d rather own instead.

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  3. I’m almost incapable of getting rid of books. Even if I know I’m probably never going to read them, I will still keep them. I only remember ever getting rid of one book and that was Beautiful Creatures. I really should try to get rid of some books, because I have no more room.

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  4. I love these posts of yours! They make want to clear out *my* shelves hahaha I’m running out of space and I clearly will not be reading all of them any time soon. Especially the ones I have for years and have never picked up!
    Great post, once again! 🙂 Very inspirational 😉

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