Stupid Flowers by Brice Maiurro 

My Rating: 4/5 stars

Publisher: Punch Drunk Press 

Published: 2017

Recieved: Ecopy from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

Poetry. Brice Maiurro is a poet out of Denver, Colorado who performs regularly at events throughout the front range. His poems have previously been featured in various places including the Denver Post, Birdy Magazine and Suspect Press. In his first collection, Brice Maiurro takes us poem by poem through different life experiences ranging from the mundane to the divine, the funny and the dark. 


So much of this poetry book is absolutely gorgeous, but not in any way that could be remotely considered typical. The poems that resonated most with me were the ones I could never possibly expect and there were many of those. 

I will share with you one of my favorites. 

I don’t know why Bird #2 felt so powerful to me. I think that maybe I was thinking of a person taking the time to play a jazz song in the middle of nowhere for a cow and realizing that the song being played was from a bird. I also think it was from thinking how beautiful it must be that birds sing mindlessly everywhere all the time and most definitely at one time or another for a cow. The thought of a cow approciateing the birds song made me smile and made me hope that somewhere out there a cow is mooing to its family about the bird that sang him or her the most beautiful jazz song they’ve ever heard. 

It was so the stuff like this that made me feel like this book was absolutely genius. Poetry is hard sometimes because it really can be a hit or miss and to keep coming up with a line of amazing poetry is difficult, but Brice certainly did his job. 

Then there were poems like Date With a Beautiful Woman (Where I Turn Into a Were wolf) that really made me go wow. This poem in particular felt like a surreleast and Freudian piece that mixed reality and a dreamlike state to create something that shed light into the figurative mind of a man on a date. Which I completely adored! 

I could go on and on discussing specific poems and what meanings they revealed to me, but I genuinely hope for you to check out this book and see for yourselves how you feel about it. I will be the first to say Inloved this book and the poet in me is now itching for me to write. 

Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed my review. If your interesting in reading and/or getting into poetry.. I 100% recommend you read Stupid Flowers. It is such a cool short poetry book. 

-Till next time!

9 thoughts on “Stupid Flowers by Brice Maiurro: A Review 

  1. Bird #2 is fabulous, thanks for sharing it. I haven’t read poetry in a very long time – it sort of comes and goes in my reading habits; I’ll have to pick something up soon, maybe this! 🙂 Great post!

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      1. And fun fact, Bird is a jazz musician. Charlie Parker Jr. He pulled over once to play a song for a cow on a saxophone. It’s kind of funny how that poem still works with being about a bird too.

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