When it was the Twilight glory years I picked up this fun little series called Night World and I lived for that series! I read it and reread it and reread it again. It was something I always adored despite the last book having never been published…. 

I have read every single one that has been put out and they all hold a special place in my soul. I know I will carry those characters with me forever even though I haven’t owned copies of these books any longer thanks to the terrible vortex that is time. (I think I would cry if I one day owned a copy of these again and the last book was finally published) 

Anyway here they are in all there Vampire/Shapeshifter/Witchy/Werewolf glory: 

Though these books may never have a conclusion, I will always love them. They were books that elementary school me lived and breathed for and I even did a presentation on pancreatic cancer thanks to these books. I miss them so much and I want to read them again now just thinking about them and I’m so saddened because I know I can’t. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked my recommendation. It feels so good to feel so much nostalgia for something lost. I really want these books back in my life. What is a book you have lost that you wish you could get back?

-Till next time!

25 thoughts on “The Book Raven Reccomends: An Old Favorite Sadly Lost to Time

  1. I used to be obsessed with this series called The Drake Chronicles. It was a vampire series (6 books) by a Canadian author, and I re-read it at least 3 times. I lost my love for the series in late 2015 (unfortunately, this was after I reviewed them poorly), but I still have all of them somewhere.

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  2. I also started this series during the whole Twilight craze! I think I was a bit tired of vampires and werewolves by the time I got round to it, so I never finished the first book, but I’d totally forgotten about these! Glad to hear you enjoyed them 😊

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  3. I started reading The House of Night series by P C Cast when I was hungover from Twilight! Even though there were 12 books in that series, I binge read them. I just lost my copy of my favorite book The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I’m really missing it. Thanks for this recommendation😊

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    1. I remember the house of night series! I read probably the first 5 and then lost track of that series as well and never got back to it. I’m sorry your missing your copy of perks, I definitely know what it’s like to miss a copy of a favorite book. I hope you get it back or another copy of it someday soon.

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  4. I love the books too and because I read it when I was in high school, the books held a very special place in my heart so I’m really sad, and disappointed with L.J Smith because I have been waiting for years and the final book whereabout is unknown.

    I want closure. *crying emoji*

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  5. I’ve read the first bindup back in the day. I own all 3 but never got around to reading the other 2. Like so many other people said the House of Night series I gave up after like 5 or 6 books. I had no idea that there was suppose to be another book I thought it was a trilogy.

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