The sea desolves inward 

                  folding in on itself 

The smallest edges caress you 

                   only to bashfully recede 

I see children try to catch waves like lost clouds

but really waves are nets meant to catch children

                  make them children lost to a great tide

I wonder about the bones dancing together under waves 

human, animal, mollusk… all meeting the same fate 

We are all children lost to a great tide

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this poem down in the comments. It’s an odd one, but my mind is odd at the moment. 

-Till next time! 

7 thoughts on “Lost to a Great Tide

  1. To me, the poem’s about something kids want, but when they do, they realize they don’t want it. Like growing up? Haha, is that even close to what you were going for?

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  2. I really loved this poem. I feel like the deeper underlying message is that not everything we have our hopes in, look up to, and desire is good for us, it could consume us as we are in a vulnerable state (like children) because it may be beautiful but it carries it’s secret, beautifully written!

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