I have been a little infrequent with my posting recently and I have finally realized that my usual posting routine is starting to affect my health because I always end up writing posts way too late. 

So I’m going to end up uploading and writing posts in the morning instead of at night as much as possible so that I can get back into the swing on things. I will also try to get back to doing my dayly posts because I have been posting every other day for a few days now and I really don’t like it. 

I have so much in store for August and I can’t wait to rest up and get back into the swing of things!

Thanks for reading this short update. Let me know what you think of the switch in schedule. 

-Till next time!

10 thoughts on “Changing Schedule

  1. I understand your motivations! I was tired of posting at different times and not being super consistent. Now, I set all my posts to publish at 5:00 a.m. EST on whatever day that I choose, and it’s a really good motivator! It’s also cured a lot of my anxiety and stress.

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  2. Posting everyday is a great, as long as you’re loving it (not an intentional McDonalds pun I swear), and you’re healthy. I struggling to commit to posting even once a week😂I’m trying to get back into the swing of things too though… How do you not run out of things to blog about?😅

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    1. For me posting everyday was easy for a while because I have always had a bunch of different kinds of posts to choose from that I did regularly. It’s been harder recently due to some things that have been happening in my life so I’m still trying to find a better balance.

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      1. Ahh that makes sense. I hope you figure everything out! And try no to let your blog become something that stresses you out, then rather take a break from it, even just a short one, to let yourself figure things out without feeling obligated to post every single day or even less xx

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