So, I just finished reading my book club’s book of the month for August 2017 My Heart and Other Black Holes and I’m in desperate need to talk about this book and also share some thoughts and fun things related to this book over the next week so for now I’m keeping the next couple of post ideas I have a secret and I’m going to share the most important one with you all right now. 

In my Heart and Other Black Holes Aysel (pronounced Uh-Zell) and Roman (a.k.a FrozenRobot) have depression and suicidal thoughts. The one thing that I felt I really need to share after reading their story is a post about how many reasons there are to live, because sometimes life switches things up and our mental state is iffy at best so sometimes it’s great to remember the reasons why we keep trudging along. There is always something to be hopeful about. 

My Reasons for Living 

My family is a huge reason why I can get through the toughest parts of my life. Without the people who took me in and raised me as their own, the people who choose to love me and be my family, I don’t know where I would be. To have a mom and who pushes me everyday to do more and to be a better person lifts my heart to the sky. To have a sister who pushes me to do more in general (really to function better as a human being) who I can look up to constantly gives me hope for who I will become. To have a dad who will always see me as the little girl I once was, but who will also love me unconditionally no matter what I do or say or become in the future fills my heart with joy. These three people would do anything for me. That’s more then I could ever hope to deserve. 

The puppy of the family: 

The forth member of the family, Gypsy is a pup that always gives me joy. 

Just look at how cute she is: 

Gypsy has such a unique personality and at the end of the day when we all come home she is always there running around wagging her little tail jumping up to greet us (well my sister mostly, she’s a momma’s girl). She always makes me laugh, especially when she growls in annoyance at my mom talking back because my mom loves to chastise her/tell her to get off the couch (Gypsy never gets off the couch). Gosh do I love this pup with all my heart. 


So long as there are books I don’t think I could fully contemplate leaving this earth. There are thousands upon millions of amazing stories filling up this earth and I want to read as many of them as I can. Books have got me through so many good and bad moments in my life and they always make me happy (unless they break my heart… MHAOBH’s broke my heart). Books are definitely a reason I want to be alive for a very long time.


I love art. I love looking at art. I love watching people make art. I love to try and create, but also fail at making art. The way people’s hands can work to create something beautiful solely from their own minds fascinates and awes me. There is so much art I want to see. 


There are so many things I have to say before I leave this earth, and I fear that I will never be able to say all I want to before I die (18 years old and this is what I worry about, so much for thinking that the young don’t think about death). There is always something more that comes to mind and I never want to stop writing. 


There are times where I look at some random people that cross paths with me in my life and I think of it as a miracle. I think of someone who said just the right thing to me at the moment. Or someone who was there to help someone else. Human kindness for the right people at the right time is always a miracle to me, because the person’s surprise for another’s kindness is what makes it a rarity that shouldn’t be so rare. 

Random places: 

I have so many places I want to see before I die. So many things I wish to experience. It’s not even the larger places I want to see. It’s little places, Caffe’s, little shops, unique parks, aquariums, museums, and places I would never have thought to go. I want to experience things go on random rides, learn sword fighting at a little gym place I didn’t realize was nearby. Horseback ride at a little beach somewhere. I just want to fully experience what the world has to offer. 

There are so many reasons to keep on living. So many little moments of happiness that make it all worth it. We have so much potential energy inside us… we just have to find it in ourselves to transform it into something kinetic. 

Thank you all for reading! Share with me some of your reasons for living. I would love to hear them. 

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-Till next time!

10 thoughts on “Beyond The Surface Book Club: A Post inspired by MHAOBH

  1. It’s always good to reflect on the things that we love. I used to keep a daily gratitude journal, it does good things for the soul. I try to find joy in the little things, and am grateful for some of the same things as you: my family, especially my daughter, who I miss so much, books for the distraction they give me. Lovely post.

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