Rowan Wood Legends by Olivia Wildenstein


My Rating: 4 Stars!


Publisher: Olivia herself


Publish Date: August 14th, 2017


Received: Netgalley provided me with an e-arc copy in exchange for an honest review.


Series: Book 2


Purchase: Amazon





I wasn’t the sort of girl who believed in fairytales, let alone tales about faeries. But that changed the day Faeries came to my small town and Hunters rose from their graves.

On that fateful day, I received a book, a peculiar collection of myths and legends. Turns out it was so much more than stories. And just as I was on the verge of unlocking its secrets, it was stolen from me by someone I called a friend.

Now, I don’t know whom I can turn to, whom I can trust. All I know is that there are two sides, and I am straddling the great divide because I am both Faerie and Hunter. And although I swore I would never choose, I am slowly falling for one of those sides…




In the last review I said I wanted to be entranced by all the morbid details of this novel and for it to breathe more life and to show more then it told. In some aspects this book was decidedly less morbid although the living in a funeral home was still a thing, but I think in other ways I enjoyed the direction this book went in. (The little descriptions of the Fae world were very much appreciated and I want to see the next book take place there I hope.. it sounds gorgeous!)

I appreciated that there was much more character development in this book then the last and even though we don’t learn much more about Cruz who was one of the love interests in the last book, I think I like the direction it took with my favorite character in this book Ace! Ace has the biggest personalities and I love that he still shines in this book. For me he was the most memorable character in book one and he still is the most memorable character in book two and he just makes me so happy! There were a few twists with him that I did not see coming, but I’m just so glad he was so prominent in this book.

I still think that Catori is as brash as ever and doesn’t know how to make up her mind, but I see her more now as someone is still trying to find herself in the mess that is life and I think that is ok. Although I liked that she came out of her shell a bit in this book and that slowly but surely she is figuring out who she really is.

One of the characters I didn’t expect to start to dislike in this book was Kajika. In the last book I started to have a bit of crush on him, but even though we learn a lot more about his character in this book a lot of his actions and ways of thinking made me turn sour towards him.

In the end what I enjoy most about this story is that it feels more like a story of race and bringing individuals together then just a simple fantasy. Rowan Wood Legends is a fun and enjoyable read about trying to find who you are and how to coexist in a world of diverse people’s. That’s what I love most about this story.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this book down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

4 thoughts on “Rowan Wood Legends: A Review

  1. I read this book and I really enjoy it! Ace is my favorite 😍😍😍 and he and Catori are too much angst!! I didn’t like Kajika either, he’s too close minded! At least Ace and Lily are trying to be open minded about Catori and Catori certainly is, but he’s still stuck in revenge. I also really enjoy Lily’s character and I just really want her and Catori to be friends instead of this frenimies thing they have going on. Great review!

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