One thing that I have never talked about on this blog is the fact that I watch anime and I watch a lot of it. The other thing about this is that I am OBSESSED with Anime Romance in a way that YA Romance never quite gets to.

So let’s put these two together in a face off Anime vs. YA Romance in a way you’ve may or may not have thought about.

Anime Romance:

There is something about Anime Romance that is just deliciously addictive. Every time I watch it I feel so warm on the inside and I often feel like I’m wishing for the kind of romance that anime has to offer.

For one thing characters take forever to finally get together:

Every time I watch an anime Romance I know I am in it for the long haul. After a while you just feel like pushing the two love interests heads together screaming at them to kiss already. Romantic animes are so good at building romantic suspense in a realistic way that while it can be extremely frustrating, I love it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The comedy:

In romantic anime characters seem to always get into the most awkward, cute, and hilarious situations. I love that aside and even part of the romance comes hilarious and generally happy situations. Sometimes the cuteness of the weird and outlandish things that happen are enough to bring a smile and maybe a bit of a giggle too.

The random sadness:

When something sad happens in a romantic anime you get hit hard. There will be tears and your heart will feel like it is being split in two. Something about the stark contrast between the lightness of everything else that is happening and the “WHAT? NO! WHY?” of the sad parts simply break you in a way that you never realized you wanted to be broken. It feels so real and you then realize how much you deeply care about all the characters.

The romantic parts are just so good!:

When something romantic happens and characters do something that makes your heart skip a beat you feel like the world is whole again. With a look or a touch or even a simple gesture Anime Romance can melt your heart into a gigantic puddle and I absolutely adore it!


Ya Romance:

*disclaimer* “I know the above are not contemporary ya Romance, but they are some of my favorite romances and just because they all happen to be fantasy-esque in one way or another means nothing!” “Also I know ACOTAR is not quite considered a ya, but the romance in it is just to good to not include so it’s here to stay!”

Anyway, I love a good Ya Romance and in a way if you love ya you know that they are everywhere and are prevalent in every single ya genre. However, ya takes a very different approach to romance then anime tends to.

Insta Love:

One of the biggest (love or hate it) tropes in ya is insta love. The time line in ya fiction tends to be short and so when love happens it burns fast and it burns hot. In ya when characters are attracted to one another they don’t waste much time in getting together. Honestly, I still get sucked in with these romances and as talked about as they are there is something totally alluring about a whirlwind romance that just can’t be denied.

The love triangle:

Some of the most popular of Ya Romance have this sometimes hated sometimes loved trope. From Twilight to The Hunger Games to (one of my personal favorites) The Splintered series, the love triangle happens a lot for better or for worse. I think the one thing that makes me love this trope (at times) is the passion it ensues in readers fighting for their own ships regardless of its inevitable sink or swim. I know that in the Twilight days I definitely raised my voice in favor of team Edward and that I still raise my voice in undying affection for Team Morpheus in the Splintered series. From tumblr to talks with friends you can’t get away from the ships (especially ones where love triangles are concerned) because there is nothing like fighting for the love that you believe in!

The teasing romances:

This is something both anime and ya romances gets and gets well. We all know those characters that love each other and tease each other to no end and a lot of the time that teasing turns into something hilariously beautiful. From the way that Rhysand teaches Feyre to read to the playful and nerdy albeit often cynical conversation in The Fault in Our Stars we all know that kind of arrogant I know you love me kind of banter that makes our hearts beat just a little bit faster.

It’s the romance of my childhood:

The book that got me into reading in general was Twilight and that first taste of YA Romance has stuck with me long after the series completion. It’s that imperfect love that drew me into a whole new world of fun and I will forever have a soft place in my heart for everything that Ya Romance is and all that it could be.

It’s an adventure!:

Ya Romance is an adventure of self-discovery, hope, attraction, and figuring out that yes we are all deserving of a fantasy kind of love. A lot of the time it’s not just about falling in love, but how we find ourselves at that point. It’s not always logical and it almost never makes sense, because in the end it’s our hearts that are taking the reigns.

Who Wins? You Decide!

I could not go without either of these types of romances in my life. They speak to different parts of me and I am hopelessly in love with both! Who knows maybe one day I could write a novel that incorporates a anime kind of romance. I wonder what it would be like to see those two worlds collide?

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear your thoughts down in the comments.

-Till next time!

26 thoughts on “Anime Romance VS YA Romance

  1. Honestly, anime romance wins for me every time. I don’t know what it is about me, but I almost never pick up a book that is obviously a romance. I’ve read a lot of contemporary, and romance is something that is usually packed in with it, but it’s something that I never seek out intentionally. Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins are exceptions to this – those books completely melted my heart.

    In comparison, I love anime romance. Even the stupid otome-game type ones. I ship everything under the sun and am constantly obsessing about pairings. I get flustered and start squealing whenever the TINIEST THING happens, and I ride the rollercoaster of feels along with them.

    I’m not sure why I’m like this, but I am. ;_;

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    1. I completely understand! Anime Romance is a whole world of fun and all the shipping is the best part! It gets me feeling all warm inside to see everything unfold and it’s always so well done! It’s always so fluffy and full of adorable action and I can’t get enough of it!

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  2. I think anime romance wins for me, but I can’t explain why. Probably because I am more pasionate about the romance (or the guys) when I take a like in it 😂

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  3. I personally haven’t watched any anime (I definitely need to though – any recommendations?), but this discussion was really interesting. The fact that YA romances more often than not are way too insta-lovey for my liking is what annoys me most – it’s just so frustrating and unrealistic! I’ve read so many books where there is little to no chemistry between the two love interests, and I just don’t get it? Why bother adding in romance for the sake of it?? I like that anime seems to be more slow-burn, it means the reader/viewer is so much more engaged in the plot.

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  4. I got into YA romance because of Twilight!

    I agree with your points about anime romance and YA romance. I love that anime romance takes a really long time to happen but sometimes the wait makes me too exasperated. Although, I really hate the insta-love that happens in books.

    Hmmm… in all honestly, I think I prefer the romance found in manga since anime shows sometimes cut the storyline short.

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    1. Manga romance is a lot of fun as well! Plus, I can agree with Twilight being the book that got me into reading. I wonder if there is ever a perfect in-between between romance length bridging insta-love and a long winded romance? It would be really cool to see!


  5. I like anime romance. XD It’s mainly cause I watched a lot of shoujo and compared to contemporary romance tropes, and found the shoujo to be a little more entertaining whereas contemporary ones were a little more drama filled. Both reuse tropes a lot, but with the anime ones, I find them more hilarious because they’re reoccurring. But that’s just along the lines of shoujo tropes, I found a lot of different approaches of anime romance versus ya romance, and still found ways how the anime ones were more refreshing. But I still really like YA romance! 😀

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    1. Both are fun in there own ways! I really enjoy both, but like you mentioned anime is often more fun because of the tropes it uses. Plus, anime romance tends to have a comedy element that ya romance doesn’t use as often. Still I love both!

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        1. Nope, but I definitely should think about making some! I actually have watched and loved both My Little Monster And Death note! However my all time favorite anime is Angel Beats it’s funny yet sad and emotional and has the best intro music to anything I’ve ever watched! I also recommend The Ancient Magus Bride, ouran high school host club, and Black Clover! I have a lot of anime’s I really enjoy so I’m glad your getting into it yourself!

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