The Denounced: Book 1 A Grey Sun by SJ Sherwood

My Rating: 4 Stars!

Publisher: Cameron Publicity & Marketing LTD

Publish Date: November 16th, 2017

Received: Netgalley provided an e-arc in exchange for an honest review

Purchase: Amazon


A convicted Denounced, sentenced to Death.

When sixteen-year-old Ned is wrongly convicted and kidnapped to a secret location, he meets ninety ‘Denounced’, and a terrifying truth begins to unfold – one that will change the world forever.

Forced to lead a Pod of five, Ned begins to realise thousands of lives could depend upon him. A survivor by nature, he now has to face his past, confront his destiny, and fight a System that has never lost.

A Grey Sun is the first in a three-part series following six Denounced teenagers as they struggle to live in a world where a simple mistake will cost you your life…

A must read for fans of The Maze Runner, Hunger Games and The Testing

Opening Sentence: “In less than an hour my life will end.


Denounced: A Grey Sun was a really fun read full of action and intensity following a boy who will do everything he can to survive. Ned and his pod of five get into a lot of sticky situations that strain their relationship and wills to survive.

What I loved most about this book was how everyone’s personalities were a huge part of how well they worked together (which wasn’t very well in Ned’s case). It was interesting to see not only outsiders trying to bring their pod down, but also their own emotions causing rifts between them. Seeing their dynamics and how they change throughout the novel was really cool and unique.

A lot of the content in this novel was very training intensive, but at the same time it added to the suspense of what is going to happen later that they all need so much training for. That mixed in with injuries and doubt adds to the wonder of if they are going to be able to pull together or if they are going to be torn apart.

The Denounced is an action packed story sure to make you question what is going on and how they will ever escape. Read on for a wild ride you do not want to miss!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

-Till next time!

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