Welcome one an all to a brand new weekly series where I take the ya releases of each week and say what I think they are about solely based on their titles and book covers. Then the next day I post the books with their true synopsis’s and see if I judged correctly! Who know’s? Maybe I will get a book plot of my own from these covers?

Here are the ya releases of this week:

Consumed by Abbie Rushton

This seems like a ya summer romance with a metal-illness twist. I would say our main character has had a rough time of things and either is consumed by all the outside things that are happening to her or by her emotions and everything that she is afraid of. I think this is going to be a novel about letting go and finding happiness and fun in life tripping over love along the way.

The City of Sand by Tianxia Bachang

This book looks like it is going to be either a dystopian or fantasy set in China in which the characters beliefs about themselves are tested as they find themselves destined to do more then they ever thought. In a Perfect World Dragons would be alive in this novel, but sadly I get a vibe that they are not or at least don’t make an appearance till the very end to pass on some sort of wisdom to our MC.

Not Now, Not Ever by Lily Anderson (pretty sure this is a book 2)

This cover screams the 90’s family comedy to me and I’m hoping that it kinda embodies that. It looks like a fun summery laugh fest where love is easy only till we ourselves make it complicated. I’m feeling some flirtation happening in this novel, but it is either unrequited or the characters are trying really hard to hide it from the other. Either way, I feel like there are gonna be some deep moments in this book from the cover I’m feeling it’s a laugh till you cry then cry till you find a way to laugh kind of situation.

Siege of Shadows by Sarah Raughley (another book 2)

I have absolutely no context from the first book to help me out with this cover, but I am getting paranormal dystopian horror feels from this cover. Fiery destruction looks like an important theme in this cover and I have a feeling that whatever this book is about it’s characters are going to be in a world of pain. It being the Effigies series I gotta think there is going to be a lot of death and that somehow our characters are going to have to ward away some evil. Plus I’m thinking with the Shadows part that their is going to be some deceit in this book and the villain is going to be the last person you suspect.

That’s all for this weeks releases and I was surprised to see that there were only four. I am so excited for this series because I adore covers and so many times a cover can either be spot on or totally misleading so I know I am going to have a lot of fun with this. I can’t wait to see what these books are actually about with you all tomorrow! I’m so excited!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys think these books are about based on there covers.

-Till next time!

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