Something that has become both a challenge and something fun for me has been to read a book every day for as long as I can. Most of my streaks haven’t been all that long, but I keep trying at it because I really enjoy it and I get to read so much more.

My last Streak lasted from Christmas Day to January 7th starting with Hunting Prince Dracula by Kerri Maniscalco and ending with Gilded Cage by Vic James.

In those 14 days I began to start getting caught up on my Netgalley Reads, but also to read some books that I’ve been wanting to read for a very long time.

My favorites of those two weeks were:

1. Hunting Prince Dracula

Book 2 to the Stalking Jack the Ripper series Hunting Prince Dracula was top-notch and I absolutely loved it!

2. Wintersong

A Labyrinth retelling that was everything I never knew I wanted in a book I am in love with Wintersong! The musicality of it made my heart sing.

3. Where I Found You

Such a fun an unique storyline filled with such compassion and beautiful romance. I can’t wait to see where this story goes next!

4. Throne of Glass

As different as this book was from what I was expecting, I loved so many things about it. I can’t wait to continue on with this awesome series!

5. Breaking the Ice

This book was pure golden FUN. I loved how spicy this was and how free. I loved the characters and enjoyed the storyline. I highly recommend this book!

The experience:

Reading a book a day starts to become easier and easier over time, but at the same time these weeks were when my family and I were starting to get sick with the flu and after a while continuing with my reading each day got harder and harder.

Oddly though, I have found that the weekend has been the toughest time for me to finish a book because I overestimate the time I have to read and get lost in other things. When I have a limit of time to read I tend to read more in smaller intervals so it makes everything easier.

For the most part, even with being sick, I was so happy with my reading because I got to read several books that have been on my tbr for a long time. Especially Throne of Glass and Gilded Cage. I had been reading Gilded Cage on and off for several months and could never put my mind to finishing it for some reason, but I am so happy I finally did!


I am ready to start up my next Streak (which admittedly has been going on for 4 Days now) and to continue reading some amazing books (and finally get back up to date on my Netgalley Reads).

Thanks for reading! Would you read a book a day for a period of time? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

34 thoughts on “Reading a Book A Day: My Most Recent Streak

    1. It’s ok to be behind! Honestly, I’ve stoped and starting this challenge so many times over the last few months that I just enjoy it on a day by day basis. There are so many book out there I would love to read and this makes it so that I feel I’m giving myself a chance to read the most I can!


  1. I love the idea of a book a day! I did this over the summer when I had a lot of free time, but now with school I’m lucky if I have time for a book or two a week!
    I also loved Hunting Prince Dracula! I am so excited for the next one!!!

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  2. The thing with having a streak like this at least for me would be sleep loss. In order to co-ordinate myself to finish say a six+ hundred page book I’d probably end up having to sacrifice some shut eye. Mostly because I like reading at night. Still though if I found enough decent novellas and short stories I could probably try to do something similar.

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  3. Hunting Prince Dracula sounds really good. I will be adding that to my TBR pile…which is ever growing. I wish I was able to read a book a day. Unfortunately, with a six-year-old and 1.5 year old…it is not happening. I will, however, continue reading and meet my 100 books Goodreads goal! Thanks for such a great post.

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