Star City by Edwin Peng

My Rating: 3 Stars

Publisher: Evolved Publishing

Publish Date: December 4th, 2017

Received: Netgalley provided an e-arc in exchange for an honest review

Purchase: Amazon


Eighteen year old Emma Smith is exactly where she wants to be: she’s headed to the University of Nebraska with a full scholarship to, and on top of that she’s been selected by the U.S. government to participate in an exclusive medical research project. The project, as it turns out, isn’t an average college internship. Emma has been selected as a student ambassador to liaise with the Ba’ren, an alien race that has recently made contact with Earth in order to share medical technology. The project will kick start Emma’s biomedical engineering career, as well as give her a chance to interact with this mysterious alien race that she — and all of humanity — are very curious about.

Unfortunately for Emma, her Ba’ren counterpart, Sepporinen, has very little interest in her or humanity as a whole. He is most excited about the opportunity to explore and mine the asteroids of Earth’s solar system, but is compelled by his government to take part in the research project. As the two work together, they begin to draw closer, and form a friendship—and perhaps more. In the meantime, they discover far more is at stake with their project than what their respective governments have let on. Political and cultural clashes between the humans and the Ba’ren intensify, and Emma and Sepporinen must risk everything to help maintain the fragile peace between their two species.

Opening Sentence: “Emma Smith checked her phone for the thousandth time, but still found no calls from the State Department.”


Star City was a straightforward enjoyable read. The characters will written and fun to follow and it had a premise that was interesting and a bit different from what I would typically read.

I think that what pulled me out of everything and made me feel that while this was enjoyable I wouldn’t really read the sequel is the fact that while it was well-written it felt like there was something missing. I don’t know if it’s that there wasn’t enough conflict or that the characters never made enough of impression to really stick in my mind or that I just feel that the book was simply alright. I feel that a story line like this has a lot of potential but as it is didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

Small spoiler:

The one thing I know I didn’t like was that the romance was literally forced… like with implanted hormones. I wish that part had never existed because in the end it didn’t matter anyway, but I digress. Plus, even with the hormone Sep still didn’t like Emma at first (she also mistakenly made a pretty bad first impression.. but you know.. it happens).

I did like however the idea of a species relying on scent rather then sight and color for things though. The sciencey parts about that were all in all nerdy enough to make me happy.

Anyway, Star City was fun and I did enjoy it, but it still is missing some thing and has some mildly irritating parts that probably are annoying mostly to me. However, I do recommend it to lovers of Sci-fi. It is fun and has a really cool alien species to learn about (that also has the cure to a specific kind a cancer that affects children…awesome right?).

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also I’m back after a LONG unexpected absence.. needless to say things have been hard for me lately, but I’m getting back into things and I’m trying some things out so hopefully I’m here this time to stay. I’ve missed blogging and talking to everyone so I’m so happy to finally be back!

-Till next time!

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