For my 2000 follower celebration I announced I was going to be doing a Q and A. So here it is!

These were your questions:

Life of Angela


What book genre do you tend to avoid (if any)?

I am always happy to read anything within the ya sphere of reading. Young adult fiction no matter the genre it takes fascinates me and I don’t really know of any genres inside it that I could say I avoid. However I don’t ever read much adult fiction. It’s a world that I don’t yet connect to and while I have enjoyed a few adult novels I like the scope of ya and the themes and how they are dealt with feel really authentic to me. Adult fiction feels like a really broad place that deals with subjects that I’m not quite ready for, but I hope to read more adult fiction in the future.

Ignited Moth


What’s your favorite time of day to do most of your reading?

I honestly don’t have a favorite time. I love reading whenever I can so anytime is a good time for me. I love reading in the morning or before going to bed. Even while I’m eating or just have a few minutes in the car before work. Reading is a special part of my day and I try and I try to do it as much as I can.

Have you read any books where you found yourself enjoying the antagonist more than the protagonist?

The only instance of this that I could think of is And I Darken, but really it isn’t a matter of me enjoying any antagonist more it’s more that no one in that book is perfectly moral. In a way everyone is an antagonist to someone else and I live for it. Everyone is morally ambiguous and has their own agenda. It’s what makes the series so delicious.

Fanatic Girl 6


If you had to choose a romance book type, would it be more of an angsty one or a lighthearted fluffy one?

I think there are times where I would pick up either, but for the most part the fluffy kind is what I’d pick up because I want something lighthearted to balance out a lot of the darker stuff I read in other genres. Sometimes I just want to feel warm and fluffy.

Laura Beth


1. What was the first book you remember reading?

The first book I remember reading was this little children’s book about The Ugly Duckling along with some Dr. Seuss books. However, the book that got me into reading for fun was Twilight in 5th grade and I haven’t looked back since.

2. Is there any book that you think should be burned / banished forever?

I wish Mein Kampf by Hitler never existed. Books that inspire hatred in one group towards another should never exist.

3. Is there a book that you dream of reading, but haven’t yet?

I can’t help it but to say I dream of reading Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. I am really drawn to it’s over and I love Laini Taylor’s writing so I hope to have a copy of it someday soon!

Thanks so much for reading! Thank you to everyone who asked questions I really enjoyed answering these! I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

-Till next time!

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