Hello everyone! I am so happy to write this post for all of you today, because I finally finished a goal of mine that has been years in the making. Completing the Duolingo Spanish Tree!!!

This little digital trophy means a lot to me. It commemorates the fact that I finally committed myself to learning Spanish and that I have made some significant progress! This is definitely just a stepping stone on my journey, but I hope that it will only get easier from here.

Duolingo has a different interface from what it once had, but the one thing that I hope to achieve now is a Golden Spanish Tree. It’s going to take a long time to get there as skills now have 5 levels each and it will take a long time, but eventually I know I can do it! Right now, I have 4 Golden skills and a few that are at level 3 and level 2. Each level is harder to complete and takes more time so I know that it might take a year or more to get my tree Golden. For now, I will dedicate myself to get skills to level 2 and three and get the easiest skills to be Golden.

For now, I am just excited that one of the things I never thought I would complete got completed! Plus, the one other thing I’m proud of… my 86 day streak!

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, don’t give it up. If you continue working slowly towards your goals you never know that it could be closer to completion then you think. I know I’m going to be applying this to as many things as I possibly can in the future. Who knows? Maybe all the dreams I once had will be a reality!

Thanks for reading! Do you have something you are slowly working towards each day? What are some of your goals?

-Till next time!

21 thoughts on “Life Update: Duolingo Spanish Tree Complete!

  1. That’s awesome! I don’t really know what my achievements are anymore since they changed the way things were. I used to be 65% fluent in French, but since they got rid of that I no longer know. I also am slacking more these days. I really should be doing more than one “exercise” a day, but sometimes I forget to do it 😬

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    1. I feel like the new way they made the tree is both more engaging and a bit more difficult, but at the same time it allows you to choose a bit more so I like it. It’s something I made a priority and it feels good to see it having paid off somewhat.

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    1. Honestly, it’s just carving out 5-10 mins a day and telling yourself that this is something I really want. It’s easy to slack off and sometimes loose the information we had learned, but the key is to say it’s not much time out of my day, so why not?

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      1. Yeah, if and when I re-download the app, I think I’m just going to focus on French and Japanese because those are the two I’m most interested in, anyway. French because I took three years of it in high school, and Japanese because anime lol.


  2. I’m using DuoLingo right now to try to start learning Mandarin! My husband and I are adopting from China, and I wanted to have at least a passing understanding of her first language! Congratulations to you! Language learning can be difficult, so kudos to you for sticking with it!


  3. How exciting! Congratulations. For me, one of my big goals is to finish the first draft of the novel I started in 2012, tentatively titled “Experiences from Camp” by December 31, 2018. My goal is to reach at least 50,000 words, if not more!

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  4. I use Duolingo to keep up with my French (I’ve only just now gotten to lessons where I learn a word or two), and I’m learning Gaelic (Irish). Do you find Spanish easy to learn on Duolingo? I’m think of learning it next because I found Greek too difficult. Also, I had no idea you had to complete the lessons 5 times.

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