Part of being a book blogger means that inevitably your going to be writing book reviews and lots of them. It’s not something that should be a surprise to anyone as it is written in the laws of hobby description. It’s simple, read book, love/hate book, create opinion about book, share your opinion. It’s an easy formula that I have followed again and again seemingly without end.

However, being a prolific reader who finishes books often reviews become more then just something I do. They become essential yet tiring. I get tired when I write book reviews. It’s not that I don’t want to write them or even that they can’t be fun, but doing them so often can drain me. I am a person that hates too much repetition. I like to have many other kinds of posts to balance out the many reviews that I write. Plus, I think that my blog is more engaging and interesting when I do something different more often then I don’t.

However, I will never stop writing reviews. (Unless authors aren’t allowed to write reviews and I get published someday… idk how this works). Reviews can make or break an authors sales. People turn to reviews to figure out if I book is worth there time and money. Hence why arcs and Netgalley are important to start up conversation about the newest titles.

Another thing too. Authors put so much of there hearts and souls into there novels (not to mention time). Weather I actually like the book or not feels like something I owe it to them to say. However, I just wish that the feeling of not wanting to write them wouldn’t happen so often when I write too many of them in succession.

Thanks for reading! How do you feel about reviews? Let me know down in the comments!

-Till next time!

29 thoughts on “Let’s Talk: Reviews

  1. I like writing reviews, but I’ll admit, every so often if a book doesn’t inspire anything from me its a struggle. However, the reason why I started blogging was to talk about the books I’ve read, so I keep writing them hoping to generate some sort of discussion? I agree with you that its nice to mix up the posts a little bit…

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  2. It can be exhausting or even mind-numbing to write reviews, especially if the book didn’t really make an impression one way or another. When I started my blog 1 month ago I was still playing catch up with all my 2018 reads and reviews, which really drained me lol. Not enough reading and too much writing, so I still haven’t caught up 😛 But I try to balance it, otherwise it just becomes a tedious chore, which no one wants 🙂

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    1. I had started balancing it out by doing them every other day and having a post that was anything I wanted in between, but after a while I still started to feel drained. But I know I will get back to reviewing in the next few days.

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  3. You can most certainly write a book and still review books. And throwing in some other topics is great. It helps your readers get to know you better and better appreciate your book opinions! Good post!

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  4. I write reviews on books that stood out for me. If they warranted major responses, I’ll share my thoughts. But, if they were okay to meh, I star them and move on.

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  5. I enjoy writing reviews, but I know I sometimes get tired of doing them. So some reviews are shorter than others. But I try to write one for almost every book I read, good or bad (I always try to say something positive in a negative review). I also enjoy skimming reviews from other bloggers and readers on goodreads.

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  6. I’m with you. I love writing Book Reviews, but I do feel tired trying to write them sometimes. I don’t want to be overly critical, but have a balance of praise and constructive criticism.

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  7. i love this post! i try to write at least something for every book i read, but it gets exhausting. i’ve started doing more mini-reviews, because writing full reviews takes a ton of energy and i’m only motivated to do it once in a while. i’m constantly behind on reviews because of it! but also i sometimes really enjoy it, and i don’t think i’d stop doing it anytime soon.

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  8. I agree, reviews are definitely hard to write and I don’t always look forward to doing them, but before I decide to read a book, what do I do? Read reviews! They’re so important, which is why I will continue writing them to help others find good books!!

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  9. I am a bookworm myself and review books on goodreads . One thing I have learned from reviewing there is people like to read short reviews . ❤ PS : it's ok to take some rest from blogging and enjoy 😀

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  10. I feel you sometimes so tired and so overwelmened with all the content and posts around here haha and sometimes I fell so not in the mood to write a review but if I don’t push it I might not remember all of what I want to write about… plus the pressure of not making it too long because people will not read it… the emotional strain is too big haha
    but you are right, I feel some sort of “obligation” to price the work of someone… I believe that artits do live for the applause… 🙂

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    1. The pressure of what to write when writing a Review doesn’t often become a problem for me, but sometimes it is draining. But as you said it does feel like an obligation to praise a book you loved knowing that you make the author feel good about their accomplishment.

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  11. Like you I enjoy writing them but every once in awhile I get tired of them. But sometimes it just depends on the book. Like the book I’m reading right now I’m nowhere near close to finishing it and have actually taken a short break from it. I plan on continuing where I left off just haven’t yet.

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