With all my heart my one wish in this world is to be a writer. A writer that tells ya stories like the many that have captured my heart and shaped me as I grew older.

Every time I see an author that writes prolifically and comes out with one even two or three novels every year I am filled to the brim with a certain envy. That is the life I want. I want to write every single day. I want to write every single one of the stories that have danced in my head since I was 14 years old. Old stories, new stories, retellings, horrors, and fantasies. I want to tell them all.

I want to be the kind of writer that drafts constantly. That breaths life into story after story allowing myself to finesse one while creating the other. I want to tell stories that have hope, but also the stories that are a bit of a tragedy. I want my characters to feel real and to walk into worlds that feel just as real.

I want to be the kind of author that doesn’t give up. The kind of author that doesn’t neglect herself or her poetry. The kind of author that doesn’t deny that swirl of different and polar opposite stories that life inside her and to never give up on any of them. An author with no particular specialty to be known for. An author whom isn’t stuck in a corner of a specific genre.

Most of all I want to be the kind of author that gives herself to Writing every day of her life. Gives herself over to it and lets it be what it’s meant to. Denying her muse nothing.

One day I hope to be that kind of writer. I hope to make it my life. It may take years and years of hard work and learning, but my journey has just begun and I’m finally realizing that I am taking steps to be on the right path.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think down in the comments.

-Till next time!

16 thoughts on “The Kind of Writer I Wish to Be

  1. I’m with you, Tiana. I’m making progress. I’ve wanted to be a writer since elementary school. I’ve made up stories for most of my life, and I’m glad that I’ve been given the tools to start to develop them and tell them. My ultimate goal is to finish my current WIP, the novel I started in 2012, before New Year’s Eve. I’m very excited! I have no doubt that you will succeed.

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      1. Yes! I’m doing well. I had a huge boost back in April – I was inspired by another blogger to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time. I exceeded my goal and surprised myself – I wrote more than 20,000 new words during the month of April. I just passed the 34,000 word mark this past weekend. I’m going to sign up for Camp again in July, where I’m hoping to demolish at least 10,000 new words then, if not more. I want the first draft to have at least 50,000 words. So, I feel this goal is truly attainable now. And there will be blog posts about it! Thank you for your interest, and support!

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        1. Congratulations on hitting 34,000!!!! I am also participating in Camp Nano in July! My current WIP now has 15,000 words and I make sure to write everyday at least 500 words to reach at least 50,000 for my first draft before August 29th. So far I also feel that my goal is obtainable as even when I’ve missed days I still continue to get back on track and make progress. My goal for Camp Nano is to write at least 15,000 words.


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