Layover by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer

My Rating: 2/5 Stars

Cover Rating: 8/10 Stars! The cover is what brought me to want to read this book. It’s very well designed and brings to mind the beautiful end to a summer day in Los Angeles. Plus the little detour place markers is such a cute and interesting addition to it.

Publisher: Random House Children’s

Publish Date: February 6th, 2018

Number of Pages: 272 pages

Received: Netgalley provided an e-arc copy in exchange for an honest review.

Purchase: Amazon


Fans of Julie Buxbaum’s Tell Me Three Things and Morgan Matson’s Since You’ve Been Gone will get caught up in the drama of this road trip romance that begins with an unplanned flight layover in L.A. and turns into a wild adventure.

FLYNN: At first we were almost strangers. But ever since I moved to New York, Amos was the one person I could count on. And together we were there for Poppy. (I mean, what kind of parents leave their kid to be raised by a nanny?) I just didn’t expect to fall for him–and I never expected him to leave us.

AMOS: I thought I was the only one who felt it. I told myself it was because we were spending so much time together–taking care of Poppy and all. But that night, I could tell she felt it, too. And I freaked out–you’re not supposed to fall for your stepsister. So I ran away to boarding school. I should have told her why I was leaving, but every time I tried, it felt like a lie.

One missed flight was about to change their lives forever. . . .

Perfect for fans of Clueless and brought to you by two Hollywood screenwriters, this wild journey of unlikely romance, heartbreak, and adventure–set against the backdrop of a blended family in free fall during a rebellious layover in Los Angeles–reveals the true value of the unbreakable bonds we forge when we dare to let ourselves risk it all.

“A thoughtful, charming journey into the nature of love and family.” –Rachel Cohn, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

“This road-trip saga from Hollywood screenwriters Andelson and Meyer is being hailed as a must-read for fans of ‘Clueless.'” –Brightly

Opening Sentence: “It’s become my favorite sound in the world—the soles of my shoes slapping the pavement erratically.”


If I would have read the synopsis at all before I requested this book I would have know that it wasn’t my cup of tea. I assumed this was a kind of story that it wasn’t. I imagined two people meeting at an airport taking off, going on adventures, and falling in love. That is not what this book is. I’m very sad about it.

What I Liked:

The writing. Even as I wish the words that were told were telling a different story all together, I did like the way this book was written. On its own it was told well.

The idea. I did like the idea of this story even if I wish that if it was step siblings that there was either no romance between them or in a way that they were characterized differently. The way the romance was done left a bad taste in my mouth.

The little girl. The step-siblings shared half sister was a gem with bipolar disorder. She was adorable and I loved her point of view. If there is anything I want to take it of this story and hold in my arms forever it’s her. She was so genuine it was heartbreaking.

What I disliked:

Spoilers ahead

The romance. I’ll get right to it I pretty much despised the romance in this novel. Flynn’s two romantic interests both sucked. Neither were actually truly good to her. One had shown interest and flocked to the bed of another girl almost the next day. The other her stepbrother, a boy whose chemistry with her I can only see if I squint my eyes really hard and turn my head to the side. Both boys suck. One only interested in getting into her pants and the other too caught up in his own head to realize the things he says are really really hurtful especially when they are said out of jealously. I could go on and on about this, but I’m just so done.

The neglect of the little one. Because the siblings had there minds so far away in a land of stupid drama they completely forget about there little sister in so many ways I couldn’t comprehend it. Letting her get drunk of Jell-O shots because they both were too far interested in there individual romances to pay attention to her (even though none of them should have been at the party in the first place). Literally so into there own argument that there sister takes off in Disney land and has a breakdown before they could find her. Even to the point that they don’t even realize she doesn’t have her medication which should have been one of the first things they spoke about before leaving the airport.

Final thoughts:

I wanted to like this book, but it was never meant to be. I’m tired of seeing certain types of relationships being portrayed as romantic when they are really toxic. Even when there were moments when they acted like a family it wasn’t enough. There was just too many red flags in this book for me. The reason it is not a one star is because of the little girl (she was too well-written and I love her).

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

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