Hello everyone! It’s been a really intense couple of weeks as a lot of you know. For a while my dad was in the hospital for kidney failure and was lucky enough to have his kidneys saved.

Right now he’s home and recovering, but not out of the woods yet. We still have to fix the cause of the problem, but I don’t know when that will be. All I can say is that I am happy to have him home and to see him walking around. Although he isn’t eating as well as he should.

While he was in the hospital I still had to go to work as we couldn’t afford to loose the money for bills and food and now hospital expenses. It was hard for a while waking up at six am with my family so we could all head to the hospital to help my dad get set up for breakfast. At least having him home now all our sleep has been much better.

One day when I got off of work and my mom brought me home she told me that while she and my sister were at the hospital my dad was telling the nurses that I was a writer and how proud he was of me. He said how I was writing books and that one day I would write songs with him. Knowing that made me feel so many emotions.

My dad doesn’t like books. He has never been one to read. Every time I would show him books that I loved from my shelves he would push them away saying, “too many books!” And yet he was proud of me for working towards my writing. That meant the world.

Because of him I knew I had to stop wallowing and continue going strong with my writing so that I could one day have him see a book of mine published. Even if he didn’t end up reading it just the feeling that he cares would be enough to make me happy.

So since then I’ve worked hard to be productive. I have utilized my time to write not just for my WIP, but for poetry and this blog. Showing him that his love is the reason for the strength I have to keep moving forward is important to me. While my dad may not be my biological father he is the man that has given me the world. I love him so much.

On another note, my current WIP has caused me heartache and literal tears as the story changes on me with twists I didn’t even see coming. I love all my characters so much and even and maybe especially the “bad” ones. Finding my climax and my tentative ending was a surprise and my now 26,000 word manuscript is starting to shape up into the story it was meant to tell.

The original idea was this: a ya soulmate fantasy romance that showed soulmates that didn’t hate each other and treat each other terribly.

It is crazy to think that the story it is now is so much more then that. To the point that the romance itself is of very little importance in comparison to the sheer amount of conflict I force my characters to endure. I’m slowly working to create a book that I would consider to be a fantastic read and with the ideas I’m coming up with I’m thinking that that book is well and on the way.

The one thing I realized however is that the current manuscript as it stands is not really a first draft, but more of a zero draft. When I finally finish this zero draft, hopefully by the end of the month, the amount of overhauling and change I’m going to have to put this through makes it more of a ground zero. A decent center point to where I can form my more detailed and much stronger storyline.

This zero draft might not end up being all that long, but what’s important is all the major parts are in play. I am so happy that this WIP has changed so much. All I wanted to do was prove to myself that I could write a fantasy and what I got has turned out to have the potential to be a great fantasy. I believe in this story now more then ever!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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-Till next time!

37 thoughts on “Life Update: My Dad, Productivity, and My WIP

    1. My tears!!! Thank you!! I want to make this book and every other book I ever write the absolute best it can be. So while it may take a while. I know one day I will make it work and make my dad proud. It means so much to me to know that you would read my story when it’s ready! ❤️

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  1. I know what its like to see someone you love in the hospital, thats happened to me numerous times and it hurts every time. So I admire your bravery, the fact you can stare this monster down and refuse go let it drag you down. I really do admire that. And sign me up for a pre-order of your book!

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    1. I can’t say how much it fills me with sorrow to know that you too have had to go through having family in and out of the hospital. It can be very demoralizing. I hope that it has made you stronger as a person. I really appreciate that you look forward to my book becoming a reality. It might be a long journey yet, but I promise to make it the best book possible (as I will promise for all my books). I really do think it’s becoming something really worthwhile!

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  2. I know I don’t often comment here but I’m pretty certain you’d be a published writer soon enough and will make your dad proud.
    Hope he makes a speedy recovery, sending best wishes to you and your family.
    Have a great day ❤.

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    1. Thanks so much! It means a lot to me! I can’t imagine what my publishing journey will be like, but I only wish to be able to write books that can be of inspiration to others. I really appreciate the well wishes! I hope that he can recover very soon as well! 😊❤️

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  3. I’m happy to hear your dad is recovering. I’m still sending good vibes your way. Congratulations on your progress with your WIP! I really need back into writing mine.

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  4. Aww, your post kinda made me tear up. It’s so beautiful how much you cherish your dad, and I’m so glad he’s in the process of recovery. Your WIP sounds like just the kind of read that I would love to see more of out in the world, so keep going! I can’t wait for you to get published someday. 😊 ❤

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    1. Aww! Your making me tear up!! My dad means the absolute world to me. I really want to make him proud. Also it made me so happy to hear that from what little I’ve talked about my idea that you would want to read and see it out in the world. It’s a special project for sure!

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      1. My dad went into liver failure a few years ago and needed a liver transplant, but he almost died and was in ICU three times when he was sick. I have a lot of sympathy for what you are going through it is hard to see someone so sick. I wish you guys all the best 🙂

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  5. Sending you all the love & light Tiana, I hope your dad has a speedy recovery 💓I’m glad that he appreciates your talents even if he doesn’t love reading. Thank you for sharing a bit of you 💓

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  6. I’m glad to hear your father is okay. I’m also glad that your story in progress is turning out so well for you. I can’t wait to hear more about it because it definitely sounds like something I’d check out.

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