Three months ago, I took myself seriously and decided that if I wanted to be a writer I had to get stuff written and for the first time dedicated myself to a daily writing routine. I told myself that I was going to dedicate myself to one project at a time and see it through.

It all started with this idea of a fantasy where soulmates aren’t horrible to each other and a relationship wasn’t immediate. What spiraled from that was a story that was more then just romance. It was a story of magic, heartbreak, family, and survival. I knew somewhere deep down that this book was never going to be what I had thought up at the surface level, but what was important was that it became a novel shaped thing on its own.

This project became a story that had boundless potential. There became so many tensions, problems, and motivations for my characters and the stakes increased with every page. I was sobbing at one point writing because of what I put my characters through and how far I was going to push them until the end. Every single character became real to me and I hope that one day the novel in my head matches the novel on paper. Right now it’s not remotely where it is meant to be.

As I was writing this book I realized that I had to let go of the thinking that it would be a tried and true first draft. It isn’t. At this stage it needs a lot of work and building upon and it’s a little less then 30,000 words, but it is something. I have the bones of a story I believe in. I can’t wait to shape it into something I feel comfortable in sharing.

Later on today, I will beginning a new story. A story that has become one of my absolute favorite story ideas I’ve ever had. It’s a dating sim inspired psychological horror ya and you better believe I am so excited for it!!!

The next three months will be dedicated to this new project, but in about two I will probably take a look back at my fantasy and start to edit/rewrite/flesh out/add the ending in full to it.

I am so excited for so much! I’m at the beginning of my journey, but the future as of late has looked brighter then ever!

I am happy to say Goodbye to my fantasy for now. I know that one day it will be more then I ever imagined it could be!

Thank you all for coming along my writing journey with me! You give me hope that one day these dreams will be a beautiful reality!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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-Till next time!

19 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to My Current WIP

    1. Thank you!!! I’m so excited and happy about both of them!!! It’s weird because normally I can’t help myself from wanting to write contemporary, but I just wanted to prove that I can write some of my other loves first. I think I will always write stories from many different genres!

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  1. Whoa! Looking forward to seeing your new horror novel! Your fantasy also sounds incredible, thank you for writing a ya story where the two are not horrible to each other like SOME novels (“After” I’m looking at you).

    On another note, even Stephen King who is (in)famous for his horror novels, even he wrote a fantasy series as well. Great writers are able to do that.

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  2. Aww, I feel like it’s really brave of you to put down something you’ve worked at so hard and move on to the next project. It means that you’re following your instincts, so I’m really happy that you’re excited for your new idea. I legitimately can’t wait to see your work out in the world someday because I know for sure that I’ll be able to relate to it. ❤ Cheers girl!

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