To many of you, this post might seem a bit odd. I’ve been pretty active with blogging recently and I’ve fallen back in love with the process of it and in general have spoken about my overall productivity being pretty good recently.

A few days ago, I wrote about Saying Goodbye to my Current WIP with the full intention of diving straight into my next project, but on day one I only ended up writing about 600 words (which isn’t bad) and I ended up shaving off part of my fingernail on accident and I took all of that as a sign to take a mini break. Plus, in general I wanted to celebrate a lot of amazing things that have been happening in my life recently. Including the biggest reason I wanted to celebrate being finding the most amazing person ever. (Actually this was more brought on by my happiness with them know…finishing a draft) I’m going to pretend I just needed a break.

So I decided to give myself a few days of just doing as much as I’ve wanted and letting myself watch some movies I’ve wanted to see and generally not being upset if I don’t end the day with everything I usually would have done..done. This means that I’ve posted on here every day and written poetry and read, but just didn’t force myself to complete every little task I would normally take care of.

It’s been a time of such pure happiness. Even when I’m at work I’m not fazed by anything that might normally bring down my mood. I’ve laughed and enjoyed time with my family in a way that hasn’t really happened since I was a kid. I didn’t think that happiness could fuel others happiness like that. In the face of these past few months I feel like I’m a different person.

I’ve decided that I’m going to keep this minimal schedule for a few more days and to start working on writing my new draft then. After that it’s back to my stricter schedule, but hopefully there will still be time left open for general enjoyment. I’m just going to take everything in and let my creative well fill up.

I’ve decided that my new horror WIP draft is going to be a 90 day rough draft due December 7th.. 10 days before my birthday. That way I can do something like this with a little extra stuff to think about celebrating. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

Sometimes a lack of productivity isn’t failure. Sometimes it’s an act of self care. Sometimes it is the need to celebrate life and what beauty the world has given you. Especially in light of darker times. I want to bask in this feeling I have right now. I know that the feeling is going to stay for a long time, but I really want to revel in it. We all deserve that at one time or another.

If any of you are interested in what my schedule is actually like and the tasks that I commit to doing let me know!

Thanks for reading! I would love to hear all of your thoughts. Do you ever feel the need to have a week or a few days to let yourself do as you please? What are some things you do for self care?

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-Till next time!

24 thoughts on “Getting Back Into Routine

  1. I know I definitely take time for some self care. I try to do that a little each day so I’m not worrying too much about things I want to get done. So I’m glad to hear you’re taking some time for yourself too.

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  2. Sometimes you just need to do a little self-care. Otherwise you’ll just burn out. Blast your favorite songs, dance if you feel like it, sing if you feel like it, re-read a favorite book, whatever you gotta do. Always remember that you are important.

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    1. I’ve been doing all those things and more recently. In the past few days I’ve even had some laughs with my mom and my sister trying to stretch on the floor (I’m really inflexible even though I really want to be flexible, but my sister is the opposite and it creates some fun situations). My mom has fibromyalgia pain and she is more flexible then I am. It felt so good to feel happiness in my family again. Thank you for that.

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  3. While I love routines, you’re right, they come with a lot of pressure. That’s awesome you were just unable to unwind and do whatever you want. I think sometimes our intuition and gut feelings get lost in the bustle of everyday because we’re so determined to get things done, we miss out on the little things that make life awesome.

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  4. Aww I’m so happy to hear that you’re happy! I also have those rare times when I’m smiling and laughing like I did as a child, and it’s something you definitely should revere and celebrate because it’s suuuuch a good feeling. Go with your guts! Take a break and live life; being productive is overrated anyway, especially if you’re not enjoying life at the same time. 😊

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    1. I usually enjoy myself while being productive, but honestly I just felt like spending time listening to music and smile because it reminds me of the person that has made me this happy. It’s been hard at home recently.. with my dad’s health declining and it’s so easy for my family to get irritated, but for once I feel less burdened. And I never expected to feel that way.


  5. Good on you, I say! Life in this day and age can get so crazy busy – it’s important to be able to step back and chill out for a few days. I hope that you enjoy your break, and that it leaves you feeling energised and ready to spring into your next project. 🙂

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  6. Taking a break, or letting go of all the “musts” for awhile, is absolutely a form of self-care. I tend to think it’s better if we do it regularly rather than wait until it’s necessary (as I usually do). Good on you for letting yourself just be and follow your heart’s desire for a little while. It’s good for the soul. 🙂

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  7. I have a hard time dedicating time to self care. I know I need to do it, but just don’t make it a regular habit. I enjoy reading and pampering myself when I make the time. I need to remember it’s ok to take a break sometimes. Thanks for the reminder.

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