Over my short self-imposed celebration break. I watched this amazing show on Netflix called Atypical.

When I saw the banner for it. I knew I had to give it a shot!

Before I start talking about it, I do have to acknowledge that this is not a perfect representation of the life of someone who is autistic. I’ve read some great reviews that can tell you about some of the things that the show doesn’t get quite right. Here is one from New York Times and another from The Guardian.

I don’t pretend to know all that much about what it means to be autistic. I know that it affects everyone differently, much in the way that anyone can have completely different experiences with the same disability. However, for me watching this funny family drama with so much depth to it was simply an all around great experience for me.

I loved that it was light-hearted, but also very real at the same time. I loved that the biggest problems weren’t surrounding Sam’s condition, but related to the family as a whole. My favorite character by far was Sahid. Sam’s best friend and coworker at techtropolis gave the worst advice (that sometimes worked), was the biggest ladies man on the planet, and did whatever he could to help out his friend no matter what. Half the time the words that came out of his mouth were so ridiculous that I would shake my head and roll my eyes, but then there were other times where you could see how much he genuinely cares for Sam and he became the coolest person in the show for me.

I also really enjoyed the dad in this show. He doesn’t know how to connect with Sam and he wants to. The growing relationship between them was one of my favorite things to watch. In general, I really enjoyed how relationships were portrayed overall. I loved how they were all different and cared about each other in different ways.

Sam and his sister were always fun to watch interact. Sam’s sister clearly looks out for Sam, but she also messes with him and treats him mostly like a brother and sister would treat each other. Actually, I think Sam’s sister was one of the best developed characters. Her storyline was one of the most in depth and changing of all the characters and I really enjoyed watching how she approached the many challenges that she was presented with making her own choices no matter the consequences.

The mom too, made her own choices. Some really bad ones, but they were her own. The show does a really good job at making people human, dealing with internal issues and external conflict.

I must admit, there are some weird plot lines in this show. Sam falling in love with his therapist (who never returns that love) being one of them. That plot line was the one that made me cringe a little, but it made for some of the most dramatic and weird situations so I found it in myself to forgive it. I loved that especially once your into season 2 everyone had their own stories in it. There was more depth then ever in each of the characters. It was so much fun to see.

There are heartwarming moments, and laugh out loud moments, and moments where your heart sinks to the floor. It isn’t perfect by far, but I think it shows that there is an effort being made to go in the right direction. I fell in love with this show. I think many of you might feel the same.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below! What are some of your favorite shows?

-Till next time!

14 thoughts on “Watching Atypical: Seasons 1 and 2

  1. This show is so underrated! I love you for talking about it! I’ve heard enough about run-of-the-mill teen rom coms To All the Boys I Loved Before (amazing, can’t lie) and Sierra Burgess (no comment). But alas, I don’t really have a dedicated space to talk about things I watch on my blog. Honestly, my thoughts on T.V. and movies could literally be the subject of a new blog! BUT I was gonna mention this show in a blog tag this Saturday 😀

    I freakin’ love Zahid so much, especially his character development in Season 2. It broke my heart to learn a teacher’s discouragement kept him from following his dreams of being a nurse. He’d be AMAZING, given how well he cares for and supports Sam ❤

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that you love this show as well! It’s so amazing!!! I adore it! I want for so many people to give it a chance!

      I’m so happy you love Sahid too! I also agree he’d make a fabulous nurse! I also loved the episode where Sam sleeps over with him and his ‘roommates’ that was such an adorable episode! I so hope there will be a season 3!!!

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  2. I absolutely love this show! Granted I’ve only watched season 1 haha. I have a lot to catch up on. Very excited to started to start season 2 though. Such an underrated show! Kudos to you for shining a spotlight on it!!

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  3. Just Friday my bestfriend texted me to ask if I was watching Atypical and I hadn’t even heard of it! Started watching it today, and I would have binge watched it if it wasn’t football Sunday (evil side-eye at husband). I have two sons with autism, though they are only 7, and while Sam doesn’t represent their experience of autism, representation is a good start. And frankly, it is important for the family members experience to be fairly represented as well, and so far, I feel like they are getting that much right. Not sure how I’d experience it as someone who isn’t living the autism life, but I’m enjoying it. And I love that you reviewed it!

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