I am finally.. finally free from my Netgalley obligations!!! That’s right.. completely and totally free!

I do not have a 100% feedback ratio. Because of the way I requested books at one point a lot of the books became unavailable because I took to long to get to them.. I am NEVER over requesting books again. From now on.. it’s one or two at a time.

Look at that 87% feedback rating… feels so good! I feel badly about the 15 novels that fell through the cracks.. some of them I didn’t review because they were problematic and I didn’t want to read them and others because I didn’t manage my time right and no longer had access to those books, but I got to a majority of the books and it feels like a true success!

I’m going to steer clear of Netgalley for a while.. I have quite a few books on my shelves and ebooks that I want to get to. I have some books on my shelves I should have read a LONG time ago, but now I am free to read what I want. Maybe I’ll reread a few things. Who knows? I might request the occasional Netgalley read, but for now my book shelves look really good to me.

This Netgalley clean-up took months! I kinda messed things up for myself when I did my book a day thing for the longest time.. it burned me out. Especially writing reviews all the time. It made me so unhappy with my blog and I just wanted to get back to writing posts the way I used to… daily, but whatever I wanted. It’d be nice to do some tags again. I have a couple of projects I’m thinking of doing. All I know is.. it feels good to be free!

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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-Till next time!

49 thoughts on “Freedom From Netgalley

  1. I can’t wait to have this feeling. I download all of my books straight away so I am hoping to have a very high feedback ratio. Still got a very big mountain to climb though. I’m going to have to be strict with myself and not request any more books. Congratulations and well done 😊

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  2. Well done, all the hard work paid off!

    Since Netgalley changed their rules for international bloggers I can only wish for books (and never get them!) so I can’t over request anymore, but I remember the feeling of getting up to date and it feels so good!

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  3. I’m glad you were able to get through your Netgalley reads. I’m kind’ve glad I don’t have an account there because I feel like I’d be requesting books all the time and would feel guilty if I didn’t finish them.

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  4. I have found this to be a problem with me as well! I have stopped requesting any new Netgalley books until I can get through the ones I already have, yikes!!! It gets stressful!!!

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