I’m in a really fantastic mood right now. It’s spooky month and I am so ready to live my best life watching some spooky movies and play throughs of horror games. One thing that surprises a lot of people when I mention this after getting to know me is that I ADORE horror movies and the whole genre in general. I love spooky shows, and spooky books, and going to six flags horror nights (when I have the chance). It’s something that I live for.

So I am so excited to share with you all my top 10 horror movies in no particular order:

1. Mama

So this is my favorite horror movie. I know I said no particular order, but I had to mention Mama first. I love it for so many reasons. It’s a family movie. I don’t mean it’s not scary.. I just mean it’s about family. Two sisters being raised by a ghost found in the woods to be taken in by a family and followed closely by their ghost mom. This makes it sound weirder then it is. Actually this movie made me cry the first few times I watched it. It’s so good!

2. Get Out

This movie deserves all the applause it gets. It touches on so many interesting elements. At first I had no clue where it was going, but when all becomes revealed at the end.. it has one amazing ending. Plus, it has some elements of humor in it and in a horror I really appreciate that. It was tastefully done.

3. The Conjuring 2

Of the movies in The Conjuring Universe this is the one that will be playing in my house almost twice a month. It’s such a fun movie. The romantic elements are really sweet and then the actual story is interesting. I really love this one.

4. Veronica

This is a horror movie completely in Spanish. I could not find subtitles for it so it made me feel really good about my Spanish skill to realize I didn’t really need it. I love the visuals in this movie. I also love just in general how creepy and awesome it was. It was a horror movie done right. I really enjoyed it.

5. It

I honestly think they did a really good job with this adaption of ‘it’ it actually made me laugh? I love when horror makes me laugh. All I can think of is the image in my head of Pennywise and how awful it is. Very well done.

6. A Quiet Place

They did an AMAZING job with this movie. The way they played with sound was awesome. It actually impacted me emotionally. It made me think of so many things about what living in a world like that would be like. Plus it is another family movie.. and they dynamics of it were just so well done.

7. Carrie

This movie is a classic and most of the time I don’t like older films, but this movie was genuinely really good. It genuinely made me feel something and I cared about the characters. There is no other version of this I can accept out there.

8. The Lost Boys

Another classic.. for me I love this because I can hear the music in my head just by looking at the poster. It’s a really great movie. I just have so many memories of watching over and over with my sister and this one has to make this list.

9. The Amityville Horror

I’m showing the (2005) version with Ryan Reynolds because I love Ryan, but honestly.. most versions work here.. I’ve watched a ton of Amityville movies.. some terrible.. some great. I can’t really recall them all they all bleed together, but I can honestly say that the story of this house is one that will haunt the world into eternity.. this list wouldn’t be right without it.

10. The Ring (all of them)

I love the ring movies.. I love the imagery of something crawling out of your television screen and into real life. I love the video that started it all. I love all of it. It’s not the best in the world, but for me.. I really love it as a whole.

Honorable mentions:

11. The Grudge

I have to mention this movie.. it’s one of the first I actually forced myself to watch and I was hiding behind my hands disturbed. I watched it with my uncle and my cousins.. it’s one of the few memories I have with my uncle so it is still special to me.

12. It Follows

I finally watched this.. maybe two weeks ago. But an old friend of mine asked me and everyone else he knew to watch it (almost 2 years ago) and the entire time all I could think that the movie was so him in every way. It’s a good movie.. not my style, but 12 was always both of our favorite numbers and in a way.. watching this and talking about this feels like commemorating him and the impression he made on my life in a nice way. It just feels right.

13. The Boy

The Boy.. and Annabelle.. all the creepy dolls of horror.. I adore those movies. I have to mention them. The Boy was really well done and it’s on par with Annabelle as my favorites of this genre of horror.

Thanks for reading! What made me really happy was to realize that even though this list is long.. there are so many other movies I could have mentioned. I feel really good about myself.. like I am the horror junkie I proclaim myself to be. This puts me in the best mood ever for Halloween. I feel proud.

What are your favorite horror films?

47 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Horror Movies

  1. I’m adding some of these to my watch list. I’m really bad at watching horror movies just because in my opinion they get really predictable but I’m always looking for new ones to watch.

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  2. Ahh I love so many of these, I love Mama so much, I’ve been meaning to re-watch it! I think the only one I love more is the Babadook. I also love movies with creepy dolls, the Boy was great I liked it better than Annabel to be honest. I also loved Dead Silence, don’t know if you’ve watched it, but there’s plenty of creepy dolls

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  3. Oddly enough, I saw It Follows a couple weeks ago myself. It wasn’t really scary so to speak, just different. Then again, I haven’t really watched too many horror movies because when I was a kid, my sister went through a horror movie phase. It only lasted until she and a friend watched a movie together that spooked them both quite a bit. So because of that, my family wasn’t big on watching horror movies, so I didn’t watch too many growing up. But if anything, that just makes me excited to watch some horror movies by myself or with friends who enjoy them. Because I actually find that I enjoy watching these type of movies even though from the few I’ve gotten to see, I’ve discovered they aren’t really all that scary to me. So I’ll definitely be checking some of these out as well as browsing through Netflix and seeing what catches my attention.

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    1. Yeah, I think I watch enough horror movies that I don’t really get scared from them.. I like the stories. Something darker. Something that doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. The point of watching a horror movie isn’t to feel afraid for me. I like the visuals. The idea of what I’d do in that situation. I love when horror movies try to do something a bit different which is why I love ‘Mama’ so much.


  4. Oh my goodness, this is literally me!!! I’m high key obsessed with horror films🙈 I did struggle with Mama, I just didn’t enjoy it personally but the Conjuring 2 and Amityville Horror are two of my favourite films ever!

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  5. I really like this list! My all time favorite top of my list will always be The Descent. I recommend that movie the most. Also I am a huge fan of G.D.T so I was happy to see Mama on your list.

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