On October 2nd, I decided it was a good time to watch a movie on Netflix because it would be the last day I would have it. So I chose Death Note. I loved the anime when I watched it way back and I thought why not?

I think that making such an epic anime and trying to condense it into a movie length was a bit of a mistake. It missed so much of what made Death note so good. If I had watched the movie without knowing what the anime was like, I probably would have enjoyed it so much more, but knowing the anime, this version of it felt like a pale comparison.

I couldn’t even get into the way they designed Ryuk. They could have gone in a much better direction with the way they designed his face.

Is it scary? Yes. But they made it look more cartoonish then the anime.. I don’t know how? They tried for realism and got the opposite. I look at Ryuk and I get taken out of the story because I don’t really believe that he would look like this.

The biggest issue I had with this movie however.. is that it white-washes a story very much set in Japanese culture. It white-washed the whole thing and it wasn’t good as a movie at all. Yeah, some of the visuals were interesting. But the whole story was lost. The culture of Death Note and everything that made it great was striped away.

We don’t need another white guy playing the role that’s meant to be Japanese or any other culture. There is too much of that. I don’t have anything against the actors themselves, but who decided to do so in the first place. From that moment on.. the whole entire story was ruined. They could have made a much better story if they’d decided to hire people that are actually Japanese and care about Japanese culture and want to tell the story right.

So.. instead of watching Death Note on Netflix, I’m going to see if I can watch the 2006 version of the movie that is done right.

Something I would have done in the first place if I had known. It’s so nice to look at this poster and feel that L looks like L.. If I can find and watch this maybe I’ll do another post on the Japanese version of the movie.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

-Till next time!

13 thoughts on “Watching Death Note: The Netflix Version

  1. Ugh! I hated this version. I get what they were trying to do but it was just executed so poorly. I wasn’t a big fan in the anime to start with (even though I finished the entire series) because how women were treated on that show but somehow this version makes the series worst! Also, everyone seemed so out of character

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    1. I don’t know how they didn’t catch what they were doing before executing everything so poorly. Especially when trying to do a version of something so popular. There are so many things they could have done better.


  2. Honestly I don’t even care about whitewashing , it was made for american audience , so they probably felt that for those who haven’t watched the anime (silly people) would relate more with an American cast . My problem was that the actors weren’t even good at it . The scene of Ryuk and Light’s first meeting was absolutely hilarious , The actor playing Light screaming like a wimp 🤣🤣

    Meanwhile they changed so much of the story , it wasn’t even a good new story , While light came across as a cold , manipulative genius ,in anime he came across as a dull , wimpy and easy to manipulate teenager

    It was awful . Just Awful

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    1. I know I saw that part with Light screaming and I was in tears.. that part was hilarious! It’s all part of what made me see this movie as awful. I think even people who haven’t seen the anime would find it bad. It was just.. all around not well done.

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  3. As soon as I saw pictures of this movie I was sceptic. Then the reviews started pouring out onto the internet and I decided to never watch this. Seems like I’ve made the right choice.
    I have seen the Japanese live action movie and it is okay. Nothing compared to the anime though 😀 I hope to see your thoughts on that one too!

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