This goes for next Halloween and all future Halloween’s. There are so many things I’ve dreamt of doing and I’m excited to one day fulfill all of my Halloween bucket list items!

1. Work as a monster at six flags/knotts

Look at how cool these monsters look! To embody someone no something else for a whole month.. terrifying people.. having a blast. I’d LOVE to have this job. I’m not the type of person to pull pranks on people (mostly because that’s an easy way to get punched in my family.. it’s a knee jerk reaction..) but having someone put gore all over my face and get all dressed up and being able to get reactions out of people in the name of a good time sounds fantastic to me.

2. Knott’s scary farm.. the all access way

This is an expensive endeavor, but not as expensive as say.. wanting to go to Coachella.. which is only a few days. All I want is to have an entire October where I can go every single night to Knott’s Scary Farm and enjoy every single ride and every maze and experience they have to offer. It’s more ambitious then wanting to work as a monster, but I want to experience both sides fully. I haven’t been to Knott’s scary farm since I was little and I think my mom has some video from the experience, but now that I’m older.. I want to go in the mazes and see all the shows and just experience everything. Actually, at $150 bucks if I went every single night that would be like paying $6 bucks per night for an all access experience which is actually really affordable if you think about it. I pay more just to eat out. Anyway, one year that’s what I want to do.

3. Visit the Queen Mary

This is a more manageable goal. The Queen Mary is known for being actually haunted, but the fact that they do mazes on a ship environment adds some extra fun. They usually do a circus maze which is the one I want to see. One year I saw on CNN the monsters they have doing these really cool acrobatics and I don’t know how scared I’d get I’d just be so fascinated by everything.

4. Universal Horror Nights

I want to do this for American Horror Story and that’s just about it. Horror nights is notorious for a TON of chain saws.. I HATE chainsaws.. that is the one thing that scares me when I go to any sort of freight night. They have them all over especially because of The Purge stuff and I can’t deal with that, but I will in the name of AHS. I can rationalize everything else.. I can’t rationalize chain saws for some reason.

5. Creep LA

This is an experience. Part show.. mostly walkthrough.. it’s intimate and 75 minutes long. This is the kind of experience that I know can actually freak me out. More then a maze where I’m with several people and feel a little bit more protected. Only 25 people can experience it at a time. It’s one of those once in a lifetime type things.

6. An escape room

Ever since I’ve heard of escape rooms I’ve wanted to try one, but a spooky escape room sounds like extra fun! Puzzles with an added pressure mixed in sound like a really good time.

7. Visiting an Actual Haunted place overnight

I really want to visit a place known for actually being haunted and stay overnight. Just for the sake of experiencing the feel of a place like that. I don’t know if I would actually experience anything actually, but being in the environment.. walking hallways where some really messed up things happened sounds like a unique experience. Even just for the history. It would be really cool to write about. Who knows? It could inspire a really great book!

8. Halloween Pumpkin Festival

This is one of the most wholesome things I want to do for Halloween. There are some nice little pumpkin festivals that go on and picking out a pumpkin to maybe carve later sounds like a simple and enjoyable experience.

9. Wicked Lit

Located in a cemetery where you walk through and watch different theatre productions from horror literature. It’s a really well produced and sounds like an awesome experience.

10. Watching a scary film at the movies on October 31st

This year the horror films to choose from are The Nun (which I STILL need to see) and Hell Fest (which I know NOTHING about). Well technically you might be able to add Venom to this because if you’ve seen how they decided to design Venom.. you’d see that he is more then a little horrifying. Anyway, one year I really want to watch a horror film or two at the movies on October 31st. It really doesn’t matter to me what movie (I’m a horror film junkie). Making my top 10 favorite horror movies post I realized I watch WAY more horror movies then I thought. Anyway, I think this would be a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading! To those who have been with me for a long while.. the sheer amount I adore Halloween might come as a surprise. I just hadn’t shared that part of me on here yet. I’m honestly down for pretty much anything halloween related if I’m asked to go do something. Halloween is pretty much on equal footing with Christmas in my mind. I think I might actually have more enjoyable memories of Halloween then Christmas.

Leave your thoughts down in the comments below! What experiences do you want to have on Halloween?

-Till next time!

18 thoughts on “Things I Want to Do: Next Halloween

  1. I get scared at places that aim to scare you. I hate things jumping out at me, lol I’m a baby. One year my friends and I went to a corn maze and stayed for the haunted version of the corn maze. It was fun.

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  2. All of these Halloween bucket list ideas sound amazing. I especially want to go to Wicked Lit because that sounds like so much fun. But I also want to stay overnight somewhere that’s haunted, do an escape room (something spooky or even a Harry Potter one because I love Harry Potter so much), and see a movie in theaters on Halloween night. I just love Halloween so much because of all of these different things.

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  3. This is a seriously awesome list! Just out of wondering, you wouldn’t happen to need a partner whenever you work as a monster at six flags would you?

    Even though I haven’t seen it yet, yes, Venom absolutely counts as a horror movie.

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    1. Hmm.. I don’t know? It depends on if your offering or not. I was thinking on maybe having a partner for all of these things, but really I don’t know who would be up for it? I have a lot of energy for these kinds of things I’m not sure who would be able to keep up? I might have to put up sort of sign or something.. a Horror partner wanted sign. Do you think that would work?.. this is a real conundrum.

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      1. The horror partner wanted sign is a viable option but an embarrassing one. This is a conundrum, you would definitely need someone special for the job. As it just so happens, I know a guy who is as much a horror junkie as you. Who has loads of energy that doesn’t seem to burn off. Who thinks it would be ultra awesome to paint his face in gore and spend the night with you scaring the shit out of people. So yes, I am most certainly offering.

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        1. Just so you know I’m at work right now, but this made me smile so bad. That would be so amazing so one day.. yes.. I absolutely want you to be my horror partner.. as if that wasn’t what I had in mind before even posting this. ❤️😊

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  4. One year I took my kids to a swimming complex, they set the lights low, dyed the pool red and all the staff looked terrifying.
    So much fun!
    My kids loved it, unfortunately my nieces cried most of the evening, the costumes were a little too realistic.

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