I need to preface this by saying.. this is and isn’t an anticipated reads post. Last month I didn’t have the time to come up with an Anticipated reads post like I usually come up with one. Things have been crazy, and maybe I admit to a little indulgence when it comes to sleep. When I say this I mean sometimes past 8 hours. It actually has a tendency to make me more tired instead of less or just as tired if I have less sleep. Anyway, I didn’t get it done, but I did make a list of the books I wanted to read. Sadly, I don’t have time to talk about them. For that I apologize.

Here they all are, enjoy all the gorgeous covers! There are quite a few this month!

Looking at all these books, all 49 of them, I can’t help but feel guilty. I have so much to say about them. Just no time to say it. I have to move on to next months releases. It’s been hard recently and I’ve been re-configuring how to be productive to the best of my abilities. It isn’t really an excuse. I don’t know how many of you look forward to these posts, but they mean a lot to me. Anyway I promise I’ll have a November post up. I’ll do my best to keep up with these as well as I can.

Thanks for reading! What book are you looking forward to most this month? Which cover above caught your eye?

-Till next time!

16 thoughts on “Featuring October’s Ya Releases

  1. Oh, wow. That’s definitely a lot of books. I’m sorry you didn’t get to write about them like you wanted to. But at the same time, it is a lot of books so it would’ve been a much longer blog post anyway. Plus, just seeing the covers really caught my attention and makes me excited about more books coming out.

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  2. I kinda want to read all of them honestly! Two that stivk out to me is the Becky Albertali book, I read the description, and for inexplicable reasons, I want to read it. That and “Dear Evan Hanson” so many people have told me the Broadway production was excellent so I’m curious to check out the novel. Its good to be alive and be a bibliophile!

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    1. That’s certainly true! I really need to read a Becky Albertalli novel!! I do have one actually, the upside of unrequited I just haven’t gotten to it yet. The thing is the new one is coming out might be sadder then your expecting.. because Adam Silvera wrote it with her and his books are tearjerkers! I FINALLY have one of his novels They both die at the end and I just know it’s going to wreck me. Anyway the new book is already being optioned for film so that’s something both of us can look forward to!

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