Something I adore reading are webtoons. For those of you who are new to them they are web comics created by independent artists to read completely for free. One of my absolute favorites that is actually completed is ‘My Boo’.

It’s fairly short in the scheme of how webtoons typically go. However if by the end you don’t find yourself in tears I’m sorry to say, but you might actually be a robot. I have nothing against robots they are pretty cool. I imagine most of them don’t have tear ducts. I’m sure even a robot would feel the affect of this webtoon.

The writing and the art together are GORGEOUS! It’s a beautiful webtoon. This is a story that made me think about love differently. To think about how I would feel if I only had the shortest amount of time with my loved one. Or how temporary life is. I can’t expect for sure that nothing will ever happen to me or to him. So, the person I love most in the world, I’m hellbent on giving my all to him.

Wow.. I didn’t expect it, but I have tears. I guess the thought of something happening was a bit much for me. It’s a bit hard to think about. But that is the reality of this webtoon. In My Boo these two beautiful souls love each other and have some of the best times, but Yuri and her beloved could never touch. They fell for each other and they would never touch. Not for one singular moment.

They laugh together. They can pretend at touching, but they cannot ever actually touch. If that’s not a powerful version of a long-distance relationship that technically is very much not long-distance I don’t know what is. The best part is the build up to them falling for each other. The writing is absolutely fantastic. Yuri’s past makes her pretend she doesn’t even see her ghost roommate. Even when he was being annoying as hell.

It’s such a simple story, but calling it simple feels wrong. I felt every word of it deeply. From, how Yuri made her decisions about accepting him in her life. To the actual relationship. To the very end. Reading this is like having a hand hold your heart and having it give a painful squeeze, but you hope, you hope for them to touch. For them to be able to have each other, but to the very end you start to loose hope and it’s a tragedy.

It’s one of those stories that makes you think about life and life decisions, but instead of it making me feel like letting go.. it makes me want to hold on. To love the person I love and damn the consequences. Because, why should two people who love each other have to let each other go? Love is the most beautiful emotion you could feel for someone. If you have it and it’s right and it’s good then why should you have to let go of it?

In this story there are reasons. In this story things get hard. In this story I became a mess. My Boo is beautiful. It’s tragic. It’s painful. But it is also full of a beautiful love. I hope everyone takes the time to read it. It’s a story I will never forget.

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts down in the comments below.

-Till next time!

17 thoughts on “My Boo: A Webtoon to Cry About

  1. I started reading webtoons I want to say a couple months ago and really enjoyed the ones I was reading. This one definitely sounds like a story I’d enjoy even though its sad and would probably make me cry too.

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